About us

Vernie Mallorca
Vernie Mallorca is an entrepreneur and blogger. He has years of experience in selling produce products to institutional accounts. He gradually shifted to blogging when he found out that it is his calling to write timely and helpful articles online that can help others to save money, make money, and secure their future by handling their income smartly. Being an entrepreneur himself, he has gained knowledge on how to start a small business and, it is his exposure to selling that he accumulated so much information, from starting up a small business to managing it. And now, he gets to share with you both managing your finances however small it is, and giving you information on running your own small business.

Saving money through the management of your finance and income — that what this blog is all about. Financial management is not only for businesses. In fact, both professionals and middle-income earners should follow a simple set of financial management before they can start to save.

Handlingincome.com, a personal blog of Vernie Mallorca, is the ensemble of financial information on managing one's finance on the personal level that you can use to get to that position where every single thing you do contribute to saving money. So this is more about you getting ahead in personal financial management.

I put up this blog on the foundation of my experiences and the knowledge that I have accumulated for years in financial management on a personal level.

We can live rich in our own ways and have things that rich people don't have by living within our means and utilizing things taken for granted in our disposal to get enough money to save.

In this blog are great ideas that will help you stretch your income, however small or big it is, so that you get enough money to put in your savings that later you can use so that you have untouched money that works for you to give you more income in the future.