My First Time Experience in Hotel Online Booking


My first time experience in hotel online booking.

For years, I kept off online bookings. I never thought that they are a boon when it comes to saving money on travel.

I thought that there were added extra bucks to the hotel rates to make up for the free service of online bookings.

Hotel online booking first time true experiences

Another thing that concerned me before was that I always worried about using a credit card in online transactions. That's an “O.C.D.” of me.

In fact, I always assumed I should contact the hotel directly if I wanted to save money. Or once landed on a destination, get to my chosen hotel and check-in.

My old-fashioned way of getting a place when I travel

My old-fashioned hotel booking.

That's what I've done these past years whenever I traveled. I googled affordable hotels, scrolled down the “search results” to avoid booking online sites, went to my chosen hotel's websites, and made arrangements for rooms.

It didn't happen overnight though. I had to look for an ideal hotel with the lowest rate. So, I usually spent 2-days to make sure that I got the cheapest room rate of a hotel in the area of my destination.

My shift to online-booking surprises me to the max

My first time online hotel booking.

Now, it has all changed. Arriving at the hotel I booked online recently, I was ecstatic because I found out that their regular rate for “walk-in” guests is 1,500 pesos.

The owner-manager of the hotel was the one in the reception counter, and he asked for my identification. Then as I excused myself to reach for my passport inside my bag, one couple came in. They needed a room, and the manager gave the price.

The lady customer talked about seeing a lower rate at an online booking site, and they wanted that price.

The owner-manager explained eloquently and well-mannered that they should book online to get that price and that the hotel can't lower the rate for walk-ins. So, I was very joyful because I only paid 760 pesos.

How did it happen?

Why a sudden change in my part?

Busy in blogging and writing articles.

For a week, I was so busy drafting articles for my new blog. It was long overdue, and I felt I was running out of time. It became so stressful for me.

So I decided to unwind in Tagaytay

I take a break in Tagaytay Philippines.

I closed the entire following week on the calendar. Just like that and back to work.

Sunday came, and I realized I hadn't searched for a hotel yet. And I still needed to come to grips with some problematic areas on my newest project.

“I must do it quickly.”, I pondered.

I scrambled in opening the Goggle-Maps

In the search box, I typed the first thing that popped up in my mind, “hotels in tagaytay with prices.”

The map populated with blue rectangular markers, and in each of them was the hotel rates. The rates seemed to outdo one another in which one is the highest with 3k+, 4k+ and 5k+ prominently shining.

There were even 7k to 10k. But once you zoom in, 1k+ rates show themselves up. So, I kept on looking, panning, and zooming in and out until I saw a lone 762 among the 4-figured rates. That was a surprise.

The helpfulness of online map goes beyond giving information

  • I clicked on the Php 762. The red pin took over it, and the hotel's name appeared.
  • Details about the hotel with a pic showed up on the information panel located on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Three online bookings with their respective rates stacked one after another in the middle of the information-panel.
  • Their rates differ from one another, but the 762 pesos from one online booking looked odd.
  • That's because the two online bookings above it displayed 1,500 pesos and 1,612 pesos, respectively.
  • I chose the lowest of them. Upon hitting the link, the online booking site opened, and it confirmed the amount — Php 762.

On the online booking site, I looked for some more information about the room. because previously I came across 800 pesos rate and found out that it was dormitory of six beds.

And I found my ideal room

I found the room description. It was a deluxe room with one double bed, and the pictures were great. The room has perfect amenities, a veranda, and a window.

The first time I pay for an online booking

It's good that the commercial bank I have my account tied to my Paypal account has given me a VISA card. I only use it for PayPal withdrawal, so the money in it is not significant.

I took the process of online booking for the very first time using my VISA, with my phone and email added to the database of the online booking site.

As I expected, it's quite fast. Though I didn't get the first day of my vacation as the room was not available until the following day.

I got answered in the low rate in spite of being a premium suite

My booking was successful

The booking site confirmed it, and I received their email for the booking number.

But I learned valuable information because in the confirmation-page appeared was a notice which said the rate they gave to me was made possible through their partners. Now that speaks for itself.

The rate was lowered because it was paid by the sponsors.

They have some internal arrangements with their partnered-sponsors. The hotel still receives the full amount of the regular rate.

Ops a cherry on top

Another thing, it's funny because before I hit the final 'book now' button, the site informed me that the rate was reduced to 760 from 762.

Maybe there is some kind of algorithm that makes the rate fluctuate in a downward direction. But I wished it was bigger hehe.

Now I am beginning to like the idea of online booking if only for this experience. But I needed to hold my positive emotion because I had to see the hotel and the room itself.

My personal experience in the hotel I booked online

My GPS stopped me from driving as the road turned right. “Your destination is on the right.”, the voice uttered. I was stunned to see the quaint Mediterranean-inspired mansion perched on the open elevated grass-covered land with driveway going up and circled towards the frontage. Seeing the hotel just like in its picture, I knew that I would never be disappointed once inside.

I parked near the door then came inside. I was greeted by the only room boy. Then the owner-manager welcomed me. The lobby complimented the exterior with the sofa-lounge so inviting. My mood lighted up after I drove 70 kilometers.

After I handed my driver's license to the owner-manager, he let me signed a “Terms & Conditions Form.” The couple waited for their turn. Soon, the room boy accompanied me into my unit upstairs on the second floor.

I never get disappointed in seeing my room I book online the first time

As the door opened, the lovely room cascaded itself to my very eyes. It was amazing.

The room is majestically prepared. It was not a typical straightforward box-type room, which is why I loved it.

As it is a classical European architecture, the room has quite significant variations in its walls' shape and its floor area dimension.

The furnishings, curtain, television, etc, all complimented the entire room.

But the remarkable characteristic of this hotel is the spotless, and brand-new look of the bedding. The comforter is very clean, white, and not faded.

The entirety of the place for me is absolutely perfect. Exactly the way it looked in the pictures.

The hotel I booked online the first time provided me excellent service

The service is good. The room boy is very attentive and friendly. He carried my stuff from the car up to the room. The Wi-Fi signal is strong, cable-TV has many channels, and electrical outlets are plenty. There are the hot shower and the unique amenities of bath gel and shampoo dispensers right in the shower area. That is the first for me. I couldn't ask for more. I am really very happy until now because I only paid 3,802.04 pesos for my 5-days stays in that hotel.

Well, now I can say that I love online bookings because of this experience. From now on, I will use them whenever I travel.


With the right planning, a transaction with a hotel online booking brings a lot of gains for a traveler. It is only through the right online booking site that one can get a big price-cut on hotel rates.

Hotels have to maintain good standing with online booking sites, so they make sure that their guests only get the accommodation they expected.

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