Save Money: Be Prepare when Your Laptop needs New Battery


Save money replace old laptop battey immediately

Once the device that we use slows down or even shuts off because it needed a part replaced, fast action is a must.

Otherwise, it affects our work and timetable resulting in zero output. Of course, as our daily goal is to save money, it would be counter-productive.

Replace laptop old battery to save money

In laptops, for those who use it most of the time and mostly outdoor, an old battery could be a huge predicament.

Old battery causes delays & hampers saving

The worst thing to happen is when you're in the middle of an important task, and the laptop suddenly shuts off.

Old laptop battery caused work delays and stress which result in stress and money lost
Old laptop battery caused work delays and stress which result in stress and money lost

And there are also cases when laptop only turns on when connected to the power. That's the sign battery's overall life is already dead.

A laptop-shutdown while you're working outside your home, e.g., malls, causes delays on a project which might result in earnings not received on time or worst revoked for missing the deadline.

A battery in good working condition lasts an average of 5 hours straight, which is the ideal.

The overall life of laptop batteries lasts only for so long. Before you knew it, your laptop has already prompted you at the start-up that its battery needs to be replaced.

Now, for you to be able to save time and money which you deplete for every minute that you still use the old battery, you must have the vital pieces of battery information as well as the laptop info.

Battery specifications that you should know

  • battery model number
  • battery rating
  • battery part number
  • battery charging current

Laptop information that you should know

  • laptop serial number
  • any term that served as unique identifier

It is imperative that you have these important pieces of information recorded not on your computer but in a record book, the old-school way. Why? If ever your computer doesn't turn on because its battery is dead, you just go and open that little record book, right?

As there are so many laptop manufacturers and so many brands of laptop out there, the means to get battery replacement varies. But once you know the basic, it would be easy for you to get battery replacement, whatever brand of laptop you have.

Two options to get information for battery replacement

Depends on what brand of laptop do you have, the first option below must be applied first. If it's not applicable to your brand, then apply the second option.

1. Get the basic information in a flash

Turn on your laptop. Click the Start Menu and type 'system information' in the search box. The Start menu will load 'System Information' in two ways depending on your brand. And only if you're lucky, you will get the info for your battery replacement here, right away. First, there will be two system information — one is the 'brand (e.g. HP) + system information' and — two is the plain 'system information' only. Second, there's only one 'system information' without the brand name. If you have 'brand + system information' just click it, and the dialog box will open. Now, record all information, i.e., serial #, product name, product number, etc., and you are good to go for battery replacement.

2. Examine your laptop for information

If option #1 above doesn't return your brand name + system information, turn off your unit and close it. Find all the information at the bottom of your unit. If your laptop is Dell, you will see there a service tag which is its equivalent to the serial number. There's also a series-number that starts in CN. You can also record that. And since you are already doing it, just might as well remove the battery and get the specs from it.

How did I replace my laptop battery?

Since my laptop is HP, it only took me less than 2 minutes to record all information using the first option mentioned above. In turn, I headed to the HP store and bought a new battery.

In a nutshell

When before I had to stop my work on my laptop every time the battery died and I was remote with no charger, today I can work straight for 5 hours in mall-lounges. No missed opportunities on earnings and laptop shutdowns no longer hamper different ways to save money. I'm ready to replace my battery anytime its overall life is gone.

How's the battery of your laptop? Do you always need to connect it to a cable charger? How long your battery lasts?

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