How to Save Money in Repair-Shops?


How to save money in repair shops

In my self-imposed doctrine on how to save money, and in availing any kind of services, I always thought being a prudent and a careful person would result in a good outcome.

Saving money in repair shops

Until I was caught off guard, no thanks to the blistering heat of that day and the heightened stress brought by unfair operation of a government agency.

Up to this day, I believe I was ripped-off by an auto repair shop. Here is one of my stories. And I posted it here so that, once and for all, I know I have to reread it whenever the same situation arises in the future. I need something that reminds me of lessons in finance and how to save money.

How to avoid repair shops to milk more money from you?

Avoid being a cash cow by others.

Because of my bad experience with an auto-repair shop, it is safe to say that there are things to remember every time we bring an item with moving parts to a repair shop.

Be doubtful if told a part needs replaced

At this declaration, don't let your guards down. Be alert and ask why? A trusted technician will explain accurately in details. If all they said checked out. Or it is connected to the problem. When they begin to names more parts for replacement, it's time to stand your ground and do the next.

Take and keep all parts for replacement

Don't give those technicians the benefit of the doubt. Get all the parts needed to be replaced and stash them in your bag or anything that will prevent anyone to secretly take one of those broken parts.

Say proper and intelligent words

If the repairman or any representative asked you to lend a part they initially deemed for replacement, say this "Return it to me. I will bring it to DTI Consumer Department for testing if it's really rubbish" something to that effect.

Either of two things will happen

They'll correct themselves and say that they will no longer replace the part or they will return the broken part and proceed with their initial diagnostic. Either way, you have avoided being ripped off.

Remember that you have made these

First, you have avoided paying for nothing. There are times they reuse parts that they say no longer useful. Second, you have avoided them to pass that moving part on to other customers at a high price. You know as I write this, it began to dawn on me that either of these bad practice has been committed to me on that auto repair shop I was taken to.

How did it happen to me?

It's good that I managed to record this event. And now, I'm sharing it to you.

How and Why I was fallen victim of a repair shop unethical practice.

One summer, MMDA operated on our street, which is a secondary road. My car was towed and brought to their grounding area in Pasig. Since the year I moved to this place, no government traffic agency or any authorized towing entity had done clearing in our area. And until now, since they towed my car, they haven't returned.

It was past 11:30 am that I finished all payment requirements.

As I made U-turn toward Ortigas Center, the usual sick of my car manifested.

It was past 11:30 am that I finished all payment requirements.

As I made U-turn toward Ortigas Center, the usual sick of my car manifested.

I also began to feel the worst condition of the car.

The second-hand car jumped, and I could hear metallic sounds banging underneath. The idling got lowered, and the brake pedal went deep that I needed to push the pedal down 40% more to make a break. For me, that was so scary.

I managed to cross to Shell, and just as the car touched the gasoline station pavement, it conked out again.

I added water to the radiator after which the car won't start again.

A driver of tow-truck of MMDA had offered to help. He said he had knowledge and background of a mechanic.

He was able to restart the car. He said the front wheel wiggled and he recommended that he would drive us to the auto-repair shop in Santolan where all their trucks were repaired when broke down.

The scorching heat, the tension and high level of stress have taken their toll on me, and I just wanted the worst situation to get over with and get home. I trusted him. Besides, driving with almost no brake was stupid. My decision then was for the three to get fixed — brake, idling, and wheels that wiggled.

The owner-manager of the car shop gave a price of 4,800 for the job.

I was not in my usual orientation. The last thing I knew, all suspension system parts were dismantled laying in the ground.

And I was shocked when I was quoted again for the price of 15,000 pesos.

I couldn't do anything, and I didn't want to drive that car in that condition so I haggled and we agreed to 12,500.

Car repair shop crew at work.

It was stupid of me that I didn't take all parts dismantled and laid in the ground. I was with my phone either with calls or texts, and I didn't realize that time had passed. When I look at the old parts, they were gone.

  • I demanded them to return those items and one by one they reappeared except for the bearings.
  • When it's time to go home, they gave me the bearings in a plastic bag.
  • It was already dusk, and we needed to drive-test the car with the mechanic on the wheel, so my attention was on the car as we drove-test it.

It was too late the reality came to me — they switched my bearings, and they gave me not my original wheel bearings but big almost the size of mine ball trolley bearings.

And that's how I have written this post. Next time, I will apply all that I've enumerated here, and I will make sure that instead of spending too much, I get to save money in repair-shops.

Do you feel cheated in one of the repairs that you paid in the past? For whatever item it is. Are you satisfied with all the repairs that you've experienced for anything that you have? Let us learn from it in the comments' below.

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