2022 Best Ways to Save Money by Eating More & Staying Slim


How to eat more and stay slim?

Eating frequently over the course of the day is one of the ultimate ways to save money and ensure your optimum health.

By eating more than 5-times a day, we get to consume the widest variety of food — nutritious food. Yes, it's a paradox.

Eat more and stay slim

But as I explain towards the end of this article, you'll figure out that as in other paradoxes, this one is likewise well-founded. And all is in the name of ways to save money.

How to save money by eating more?

  • You'll only be able to pull it off by cutting down on servings of the three main meals. Cutting servings of food significantly is the best way to lose weight.
  • You save because every time you eat, you raise the value of the food served on the table to the max in terms of its low-cost in the combination of the immensity of the nutrients and long terms health benefits.

How I discovered the secret of eating more but staying slim and energetic?

I am an individual who pays too much attention to my well being — my health, my mind, and of course, longevity.

The beginning

How to lose weight by eating more?
It really feels good when you don't have excess fat in your tummy.

One day I had enough of my big tummy, and forced myself not to eat much for lunch, only consumed a half cup of rice with plenty of veggies, broth and a small piece of meat.

I starved way too early that day. And just past an hour, I opened my ref and found a loaf of wheat bread.

I was really anxious for my weight, and on top of that, I was always gasping for air in whatever I do, how little it was, even brief conversations with others rendered me weak.

So, I decided to use peanut butter spread on a slice of that whole wheat bread.

I essentially got hungry an hour and a half later again, so I grabbed a saucer of cooked red beans.

The first light dinner

Dinner came, and I became emboldened because that very minute I started feeling a slight difference — in a good way.

I felt waves of calmness and, a bit of alertness in both my mind and body.

So, I settled for a 3/4 cup of rice. For my dish, I got a pull plate of chop suey.

Chop suey to lose weight
Without vegetables, you can't say you eat a nutritious meal.

Later in the evening, I treat myself with a small ripe ordinary banana.

Before bed, I downed 2-more glasses of water. That's of course in addition to around 6-glasses that I already had.

The first full day

My breakfast

Morning came, I took a glass of fresh water first. Then I chopped an apple and an orange, ate them up after which I had coffee with my main breakfast — 2 soft boiled eggs, one sausage and two toasted slices of bread. Before lunch, I had to go for a snack twice — 1/2 boiled corn on the cob and 1/2 cup of delicious oatmeal, respectively.

My lunch

I had beef steak for lunch, loads of veggies, and one-half cup of rice. Between lunch and dinner, I got two light snacks of, first, one-half avocado and second, 1-slice of my favorite whole wheat bread topped with 2-slices of cheddar, small.

My dinner

Day ended, I treated myself with 1/4 cup of rice, 1-bowl, big, of mung beans with lots of moringa leaves slowed cooked in beef shanks. Of course, banana as my dessert. It was so delicious. I never missed 2-glasses of water before bedtime.

Healthy realization of eating more and staying slim

Eating more or multiple times in day is a secret to stay slim.
Who says we can't eat burgers and still stay slim and healthy?

That's how my first time of eating multiple times in a day started. And that's how I discovered the secret of eating more but staying slim and healthy.

My first week of eating more and staying slim

In just a week of sticking to that, I became slimmer. My skin became clearer and a bit smoother. And above all, my energy went through the roof, and up until now, I never feel gaspiness again.

Next thing I have done, improve on it and till now I stay on my healthy eating lifestyle.

Habit change that builds discipline & crashes vices

Ever since I started this life-changing eating habit, improvements in many aspects of my life have been coming by leaps and bounce.

I stop being a chronic alcoholic

For starters, it became easy for me to turn down an invite for a drink or a night out.

When before I was so ambivalent like I would say to myself “I like to drink why not” while at the same time I kinda thought I must take care of my health, today I would quickly reply “No I don't drink” or “I'm graduate/I'm done (with alcoholic drinks)”.

Never do they know I still drink but very occasionally like 2 to 3 times a year. And moderately. 4-bottles of light beer max.

I manage to stop smoking altogether

Smoking is a hard habit to break. I was so lucky that I only smoked when I drank beer. But today when I drink, I never smoke.

As I value every penny I spend, I know that however many veggies and fruits I eat, they'll go into waste if I smoke.

Disciplines on healthy lifestyle develop

Eating multiple times in a day to lose weight promotes healthy lifestyle like jogging.
When you begin eating a healthy diet, you develop healthy habits as well and, it creates a snowball effect on your lifestyle.

Discipline comes in the form of being conscious. I always match the nourishment with burning.

Almost every food that I eat has calories. Peanut butter and even some whole wheat bread that I get to buy contain calories.

So, it came easy for me to have to start a jog and a long walk 2 to 3 times a week.

Nevertheless, there are times today that a week or two passes that I never get out and still manage to maintain my ideal weight and body.

What I'm trying to pass on here is that I don't stringently adhere to perfection when it comes to eat-only-nutritious-food. I still eat donuts (with coffee mind you). I still eat pizza and burger, spaghetti and all that. But they're all in moderation. For me, the bottom line is that I eat in small quantities multiple times for the most part.

New positive traits came naturally and blended with my being

reading health articles to stay slim while eating plenty of food
A healthy mind is a product of a healthy lifestyle and it draws out productivity, which helps you further save money.

  1. Another good habit that has had developed in me is going to bed early.
  2. Waking up early because I'm excited to prepare my fruit morsels the next morning.
  3. Reading health articles with tons of experts' tips that I apply and in turn exponentially create more boons for me which translate to welcomed productivity.
  4. Being productive — productivity eases logistics of every aspect of my daily life, and they all come together and form the virtuous cycle.

Remarkable health improvements

  • Today, every time I am asked about my age, I let them guess it. And most of the guesses are 8-years lower than my actual age.
  • But the most astonishing part is I don't feel I'm getting older. I have a happy disposition, albeit not forced.
  • I don't know if all people with the same eating lifestyle as I do have also feel the same way.
  • One thing I am sure though, I was so weak, got tired quick, gasped for air always before I started this kind of feeding myself.

Those are only a few of the many improvements I have been experiencing every single day. It would lengthen this article too much if I tackle them all.

But to satisfy your curiosity, a positive outlook is significant.

How my mind works today is greatly affected by what and how I eat.

And it all translates to better decision making. And at the end of the day, it helps me in my daily endeavor to save money. That's why I will never ever go back to my old ways as far as eating is concerned.

Yes, a simple yet for others a cumbersome thing to start as a habit is ultimately a life changer. I am able to rise to the occasion and make my daily lifestyle a very healthy one. For that, I am so delighted.

Rundown of daily multiple eats

Because I do it passionately, I manage to accumulate a wide list of healthy food that I added to my daily diet.

But I must admit that I never follow a strict regimen. So long as I eat less whenever I am peckish. That's the bottom line.

Eat more while losing weight and include avocado on your diet.
Eating avocado helps us to save money because it contains a lot of nutrients not found in other expensive food that we buy.

So now, a normal day would see me consuming a good number of food items which I consider above average if you compare to what most people generally eat in a day.

For instance, just yesterday here are what I ate:

  • apple
  • avocado (half)
  • broccoli
  • coffee
  • corn
  • donuts
  • eggs
  • green bell pepper
  • green tea
  • oatmeal
  • orange
  • peanut butter
  • pork & beans
  • pork sinigang
  • salmon belly
  • sausage
  • slices of wheat bread
  • spinach
  • steam rice
  • steamed okra
  • water

You might wonder how a person would be able to gobble (for lack of a better word) such plentiful of foods. Actually, I consume them slowly. So, yes, I spend quiet a deal of time.

Orange and apple are the first to go. I must eat them before coffee right after I gulp one glass of water which I take after I wake up in the morning.

Yes, water first in the morning, not coffee. I came to learn that we mustn't take coffee on an empty stomach. My formula in the morning right after I get up is this:

1 glass of water > orange and apple > coffee > breakfast

For me, it's the healthiest way to start a day aside from jogging and other physical exercises.

I feel great not only food-wise but psychology-wise, after having water, apple & oranges and a cup of coffee in the morning, as if I already have the buffer I needed if something came up that I have to do some tedious or daunting task.

But as it always turns out, I feel even better having my breakfast 10 to 15 minutes after the fruits.

It's pretty obvious which food items in the list come in for breakfast so, I don't need to put them in detail.

Salmon and spinach are great to stay slim while eating multiple times in a day.
By combining inexpensive produce, you can have a very healthy meal or snack.

Likewise, lunch and dinner plates contain the dishes — salmon, okra, spinach, bell pepper, pork sinigang, etc.

Yes, with the dish as my staple and rice as my dish, I never get overweight.

Aside from having wheat bread for breakfast, I also use them as a snack spread with any available butter.

But it's worth saying that I snack pure peanut butter as well. I scoop it and eat it just like that.

You'll also wonder how am I able to drink around 4 cups of coffee and 4 to 5 cups of green tea in addition to 8 glasses of water and those intimidating food list above.

As I've said, quantity in solid food is the key. Small portions or servings of different varieties of healthy food are not small. They're big and definitely pack a punch in nutrition.

That's only a sample of what I eat in a day. You never expect me to eat the same food 3 days straight except if it really tastes great for me such as the likes of eggs, broccoli, spinach, avocado, salmon, etc. For the most part, I change the menu.

Other foods that I eat

Below listed are food items from which I get what I eat in a day interchangeably (in small servings per meal) and stretched in a week and or a month. The foods I already mentioned above are not included in this list. The list is also limited to the regular food that I eat. Take note that to shorten the list I don't mention all kinds of dishes for a particular food product, i.e., pork, beef, vegetables, etc.

In alphabetical order:

  • assorted vegetable cooked in coconut milk
  • beef soup with vegetables
  • beef steak
  • bitter gourd — sauteed with egg
  • broccoli — steamed
  • cake
  • carrot — cooked
  • chicken — other dishes
  • chicken tinola
  • chili con carne
  • chocolate
  • cookies
  • cucumber — raw
  • egg yolk — raw with olive oil
  • eggplant steak
  • fish — other dishes
  • fried chicken — slow cooked
  • fruit salad
  • fruits in season
  • kare-kare vegetables
  • lettuce — salad
  • liver steak
  • macaroni salad
  • meat & vegetables stew
  • milk — non fat
  • milk fish — grilled
  • mussel soup — no oil/boiled in ginger and leafy
  • oysters — steamed
  • peanuts — boiled
  • popcorn
  • pork — other dishes
  • pork chop — grilled
  • pork steak
  • purple yam — halaya
  • red bell pepper — steamed
  • rice cake
  • rice cooked with moringa leaves
  • rice noodles — sauteed
  • shrimps — fried in butter and lemon-lime soda
  • soda crackers
  • sweet potato — boiled
  • tilapia — fried or grilled
  • tomato — cooked
  • vegetables — others in season
  • whole wheat rice — soaked then cooked

As you can see, except for a few items on the list and some different ways of preparations, basically, we don't differ on what we eat.

As I've already mentioned, I cut down my servings, and I eat rice as if it's the dish and I eat dishes as if they're rice.

So I easily get peckish in a healthy way. And only when I feel that my body needs fuel, then that's the only time that I eat again.


It sounds counter-intuitive. But eating small quantities of cheap but highly nutritious food multiple times in a day helps a lot in saving money if one thinks long term. The productivity, the optimum health, the high energy all translate to accomplishment in myriad things, cognitively and physically.

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