How to Get Customer Service Management to Your Side?


How to get customer service management to your side?

Hello Readers! I want to share to you this another personal experience and the thing I do to help me on how to save money.

This post narrates an extraordinary positive result to a request which was doomed to be rejected. And how I get the only favorable decision. Despite the fact my request not in accordance with one major corporation's company policy.

How to win your argument?

About five and a half months ago, I made a request to my Internet Service Provider for temporary disconnection of one of my two broadband connections.

I have two subscriptions of broadband internet. The first one is at my residence in Quezon City. It was installed 10-years ago. The second is in Newport City, and it was installed more than 2-years ago.

I requested for temporary disconnection of one of my two broadbands

I've learned through friends that I can have my broadband temporarily disconnected on my particular ISP. So, I called the hotline and made the request. There was no issue.

They just asked me to send the request by email. I did that, and after some follow-up, the internet-provider temporarily disconnected my broadband at my Q.C. residence.

The primary reason for temporary disconnection on my part is I needed to get out of the city most of the time. So, there's no way I could live in my residence. When in Manila, I stay in Newport City. So, it would be a waste of money if I pay monthly for service I don't use.

Temporary disconnection expires

Temporary disconnection expiration

The 5-months period of temporary disconnection of my broadband expires this month. But I still need to make some travels for the next five months or so. So last week I called the customer hotline again.

But the customer service agent told me that as per the company's policy, subscribers could only avail of the temporary disconnection once a year which covers the five months.

Being a subscriber for 10-years, with two accounts now, paying on time, I know that I am a valued customer that deserved considerations.

So, I explained all of those to the agent. She said that I could try to send an email for the request, but she couldn't promise that I will be heeded.

I exchanged emails with that department. As with the live agent, they also explained the company policy. So I created another email explaining why they should give me some considerations. I highlighted the following facts:

My assertions that only an intelligent mind would comprehend

  1. I am a loyal customer for 10-years, and proof to that is when I called them to install my second broadband.
  2. Their corporation spends millions in advertising and promotions to get subscribers. Maintaining loyal customers ultimately lessens the logistics of advertising campaigns.
  3. 10-years can become 20-years of being a loyal customer. Today, it's hard to get subscribers because the number of competitors is staggering.
  4. With wireless broadband and other home Wi-Fi promo packages available, people are switching while prospective subscribers go to others. I don't switch. I am loyal to them.
  5. “On the business logic, please think how much value I could still provide beyond 10-years.” is my last statement.

Low intellectual faculty - the reason why some rank-and-file staff don't go up

  • The customer service agent who emailed back the previous time didn't follow through.
  • They only sent me an auto-generated reply. I didn't get an answer to my latest email.
  • So, I called. And the agent on the other line told me again that they won't give me another temporary disconnection.
  • When I asked about my email, she doesn't know about it because they handled only phone calls.
This particular agent has a mind that deserves my respect

When I asked her to check the status, she said that:

“The agent in the email department didn't take any action.”

See, this is the problem with some customer service agents — they are incompetent.

  • Now, I was talking to a more sensitive and knowledgeable agent.
  • I asked her to let a manager read the content of my email.
  • She excused herself for 10 minutes.

Managers reached their level of career because of only one thing - they deserve it

Managers who provide excellent service to the public deserved their positions.

When she returned on the line, she said that their manager had read my email completely. And he approved my second request for temporary disconnection.

I asked for the name of the manager. She gave it to me and then the details of the exact duration covered by the second temporary disconnection. I thanked her. I hung up very happy.

Final Thoughts

If you give so much value to any company, there's nothing wrong about asking for leeway and consideration. We learn here that service provider companies give exceptions to their own rules. Ordinary customer service persons don't handle things smartly. If you want a positive result, take your issue to the manager through a customer service agent.

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