How Flea Markets Help in Saving Money?


Save money in flea markets.

Frugal persons seek more ways to manage their finance. It is essentially so as they don't only need to save money. They always think in terms of providing things to themselves and their families without sacrificing long term goals in saving.

There are quite a lot of ways flea markets can offer you on how to save money. We're going to talk about those here today.

How to save money in flea markets?

A flea market aficionados would certainly know where the flea market to get to depending on what quality of goods you are looking for.

Nevertheless whichever flea market you choose you still save a lot of money compared to department stores.

When it comes to helping you save money, the flea market is a great place to be. Below are some of the reasons.

Why do flea markets are a great way to save money?

1. Every household products are way cheaper

cheap cleaning liquid detergent in flea markets

The flea market is not only for clothes and gift items. There are also household products that are at a fraction of the cost of branded ones.

We take as an example the laundry-soap. You can buy a detergent powder at 3 kilos for only 100 pesos. Compared that to the cheapest brand of laundry soap at 125 pesos per kilo.

Of course, you have to test the product the first time you buy.

Remember this quick tip on how to test for chalk in powder detergent:
  • Put 2-tablespoonful of the detergent in one cup of water then stir.
  • If you find lots of floating residues, then, it is not laundry detergent but something you use on blackboards.

2. You can buy clothing at rock bottom price

Pants sold at flea markets are cheaper than in department stores.

Compare to a department store it is only in flea markets that you can buy shirts and pants you like at a rock bottom price.

You might think that you need to come to wholesale centers such as Baclaran or Divisoria to get cheap apparel.

But in flea markets, you haggle tag prices and win in bargaining and buy amazing clothing and other items for rock bottom price.

Yes, you can be stingy whenever you're at a flea market. The fact is most of the stall-owners get their products directly from the source.

There are sellers who make their own inventories. Even so, the profit margin is stretched to give way for customers' haggling. That's why the goods are that cheap.

3. Hard to find tools sold at a dirt-cheap price

Hard to find tools can be found in flea markets.

Flea markets are the best place to check out if you're looking for a tool that you can't find anywhere or sold expensively in other kinds of stores.

If you go from one flea market to another on weekends, there's a high possibility that you can find and buy the tool you've been looking for at a dirt-cheap price there.

It's also at a flea market where you can glean for invaluable stuff like utensils, fixings, paraphernalia, accessories, etc. And again you can buy them dirt-cheap.

4. Wide arrays of gift items & novelties at a lower price

Gift ideas and gift items and novelties are many in flea markets.

Forget about those fancy gift wrapping services that department stores offer for free.

The gift-wrap is free because its cost is already added to the tag price of whatever you bought as a gift.

There are gift boxes galore you can buy at “it's a steal” price in flea markets.

What makes flea markets better than department stores is that you can find tons of gift ideas that are “personal” on a deeper level.

Presents that get a “You're so thoughtful” response, genuinely. If you haven't bought a gift at a flea market, try to glean for something there, and you will never get disappointed — economically and personally.

5. Order today pay later arrangements with no extra cost

The informal setting of a flea market makes it possible to have a bonding with a seller and engage yourself in casual talks about stuff that interests you.

These small entrepreneurs are well-rounded when it comes to sourcing the wide varieties of goods. You can make an arrangement with a friendly proprietor to bring you a certain hard-to-find-article.

Most important is when you know the price of a particular furnishing, for example, at a department store.

You will be shocked as friendly flea market sellers would bring you the same product half the price.

Final thoughts

Going to a flea market as a habit produces gains in terms of saving money. Lots of highly usable items that become so much useful save time in doing things and earn valuable time because it eliminates the need to search and canvass for them.

Building a good relationship with stall owners gains more savings in the long run, as well. Furthermore, as these folks are friendly, they go out of the way to bring what you need and at the price you love.

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