How Safe is the Delivered Water to Your Home?


Delivered water to home safety issue

Nowadays, every neighborhood in Metro Manila has at least a water refilling station. It's been phenomenal the growth in water station business.

It has really taken off. Everywhere you go, you can find one. It has really captured the imagination of the public that it seemed no one uses water from their homes' faucets anymore.

Safety Issue of Water Delivery

In fact, if you google “water station near me”, chances are you will be given at least three in walking distance locations.

Clean water

Clean Water

Water refilling stations sell only 100% clean water. Untreated water undergoes the number of stages through a set of equipment under the regulatory policy of the Department of Health to produce purified and sterilized drinking water.

Personally — I don't doubt the quality of water sold in a water refilling station. People with entrepreneurial minds run them. It's so unlikely to commit something detrimental to their business.

That said, you are not 100% sure that water delivered to you by your friendly neighborhood water station is 100% clean.

My experience

I had doubted the water delivered to us by an errand of the water refilling station located 3-houses from ours.

One day I was in a hurry that instead of the glass, I used a white porcelain coffee cup to get drinking water from its container which, contained water from the water station. It was almost empty so, I tilted it.

I never drank all the water in the cup, and since I was in a hurry, I put the cup inside my ref.

The next morning, I was shocked when I took the cup and saw the water in it with dirt at the bottom. It's yellow and kind of collected overnight from the water itself.

Dirt found in delivered water by a water station
The dirt in the drinking water delivered to me by the water refilling station. I took the picture using my smartphone in a hurry.

I wanted to make sure. So I got water from the container again, and then I covered it with plastic wrap and left it for 2-days. And when I looked at it, this is what I saw — the same dirt accumulated at the bottom of the cup.

Dirt in the water delivered by a water station

Now I am sure that the water delivered was not free from impurities that supposed to be killed by the filtration and whatever process used in the water station.

How did it happen?

I don't want to make any assumption against the water refilling station.

But I've noticed something twice when I called to order. Instead of the usual woman taking the order, it's the voice of an errand boy that's in a hurry and fast in getting my address.

Then it took hours, like 3-hours before he arrived with the water I ordered which very unusual as they are known to deliver fast.

Something was going on in the way the refilling station operates.

How did I handle it? — my solution

I never order water from them again. I am so busy to get out of the way to talk to the owner about it. I mean if you're running a business, you manage it well. If you lose clienteles, it's in the way you manage it.

I get my water now from the different water station, a few blocks away from my home. I go there with my container and see to it that I see how they put water from their equipment to my container.

I have fun every time I buy water from there, actually. I get to see the immaculately clean shop and the vastness of the operation, yet on the surface, it is a simple process of converting tap water into high quality filtered and good tasting water.

I get to see how thorough the crew in cleaning my container before the final stage of putting it below the mouth of the “long-reach goose-neck” faucet so that I could see the water spurts out of the faucet's mouth and onto my container. Furthermore, I could see that they seal both the opening cover and the faucet of my container.

I tested the water from the new water station. When the container was almost empty, I got water from it using the same cup I used before. Likewise, I covered it with plastic wrap and left it for days. Four days had past and the water in the cup sill "crystal-clean."

What should you do?

Do you order water from a refilling station? Is the water delivered to your house? If you answer yes to both question, I highly recommend testing the water.

The best time is when the container is almost empty. They can't argue that it's natural to have some sediments at the bottom of the container in that stage.

The filtration and disinfection processes are done in several stages and more than enough to kill any organism that causes tiny sediments to settle at the bottom of every glass of water taken from the delivered water.

Do you have a similar experience in your water refilling station? Or you are 100% sure about the water that the delivery crew takes to your home. Let us know in the comments' box below.

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