I Save Money & Time after I Disabled Internet Explorer


I save money & time after I disabled Internet Explorer

In today's lifestyle, fast is the name of the game. We need to save money. So we need to accomplish more in the shortest possible time. And that is true even in our online tasks.

Have you been searching for ways on how to uninstall Internet Explorer?

You know smooth-sailing in all we do eliminates stress and helps us to attend to other important things.

That is important when you always think about ways to save money.

I disabled Internet Explorer to save money & time.

Now web browsers are the primary tools we used in searching for valuable pieces of information from the internet.

In my personal experience, Internet Explorer is the most unfriendly browser that I ever used.

For those of you who have the same predicament, you could use the help from me. Here's how I ended my headaches in Internet Explorer.

Here we talk about issues of uninstalling Internet Explorer and why we resort to disabling.

Disabling vs uninstalling Internet Explorer

Disabling vs uninstalling Explorer

Here, we will not actually uninstall Internet Explorer as there might be some issues that would appear later on. You see, Internet Explorer is one of built-in parts of the Windows.

Although there might be some latest models of laptops and modern versions of Windows that allow you to remove or uninstall IE, majority of us own units with Windows version that don't allow us to remove internet explorer.

The right thing to do in this situation is to disable Internet Explorer. And that's what we're going to do — disable, not uninstall.

Windows warns against uninstalling Internet Explorer

Yes, there are times that we are prompted by some warnings. For example, you will be prompted by Windows itself with messages that go like this: "Turning off Internet Explorer might affect other Windows features and programs installed on your computer...."

As regular users as we are, you will get worried. If your Windows has this warning, there's no harm in doing (or not doing) the obvious.

Just disable Internet Explorer as default browser

For peace of mind, especially to us that don't have that much advance technical know-how in computers, we will just let Internet Explorer exists on our computer.

What we do is to prevent it from its usual attitude of forced opening websites. In other words, we will remove it as our default browser. Once done, our new chosen default browser will be the one that will open our sites.

2 of many reasons why Internet Explorer is the worst a browser

As a content writer, the following bad characteristics and user-unfriendliness of Internet Explorer which I happened to experience first hand, make it the worst internet browser.

1. Internet Explorer blocks other browsers

Explorer blocks other browsers
I couldn't open sites with Firefox and Chrome. The browsers just displayed blank pages while loading for as long as forever.

For long, before I managed to ditch IE for good, it blocked Firefox from opening sites on my laptop. First, Google Chrome was at its mercy. Even if I managed to open a Google Chrome browser, it wouldn't open any website. I have done everything I could in the setting to no avail. Finally, I downloaded the Firefox browser, and tried tinkering for hours and succeeded.

2. Internet Explorer forcefully opens sites

Explorer forcefully opens when you work
Explorer always hides with sites open behind whatever browser I use. Then, in updates Explorer pops up and grabs the work.

For some reasons, there are times that unwanted sites open at the back of your current window. You will only realize that upon seeing the appearance of the blinking IE button in the taskbar. Not only that. Even if we use another browser, Internet Explorer is the one that opens sites for updates of software in our computer. It is annoying as it slows down our computing.

How to disable Internet Explorer in your computer or laptop?

Use one to dispel one

You need to put a big stone into a glass filled with water to spill the water out. Once the stone occupies larger space in the glass, it would reign and override as the content of the glass.

That principle above is the one anybody can use if only to disable Internet Explorer. That's what I applied to ditch IE for good. But the whole process was not a walk in the park.

You can try my favorite Google Chrome, which the one I use on my other laptop with no problem, of course. Or, you can opt for Firefox. Either way, you can definitely disable IE.

I have said, it's not a walk in the park because Google Chrome didn't do the trick. I have done a lot and spent hours and even tried them on other days but it seemed Chrome couldn't override IE at my end. So, I have settled for my second favorite browser — Firefox.

And here is how it happened.

How to disable IE by installing Firefox?

First, download Firefox, then follow these steps:

  1. In Start menu. Click Start then Default Programs.
  2. In Default Programs. Click Set program access and computer defaults. Choose Firefox.
  3. In Default Programs. Click Set your default programs. Choose Firefox.
  4. Upon clicking Firefox, 2 options will appear - Set this program as default and Choose defaults for this program.
  5. Click Choose defaults for this program. The dialog box will show all extensions and protocols that Firefox will open by default, i.e., .htm, .html, ftp, http, https, etc.
  6. Check Select all box to set Firefox associations to all extensions, protocols and Start Menu. Click Save.
  7. The dialog box will return to Set your default programs. Click Firefox again, then click Set this program as default. There will be no action from the dialog box. Click OK.

Now, you have just placed the big stone — the Firefox — into the glass — your computer — filled with water — Internet Explorer. The water slopped, and now the stone occupies your glass.


In a nutshell

Ever since IE hasn't intruded me on my work, I save a lot of time, become productive, and by so doing, I enjoy more ways to save money.

What web browser do you use? Is it your favorite browser? What do you like most about your browser? Do you consider using your browser time-saving? Let everyone knows in the comments' below.

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