The Top 5 Bad Human Traits that Hamper Success


Top 5 bad human traits that hamper success

What sets successful people apart from those stagnant mediocre individuals?

If you are to become a financially stable person ahead of your peers, you must know what bad traits and human characteristics to avoid in order for you to be receptive to gain the knowledge on how to make money at all times.

5 negative traits that hamper success

These negative traits are silent enemies, that when allowed to control your daily life, will definitely pull you down and fail you.

5 bad human traits that hamper success


1. Inclined to gossipmongering

We see them all the time, a bunch of people gossiping about other people live.

They don't know it because that's their comfort zone. It's easy to talk much, like lying in bed and look at the ceiling.

But if you look into it pretty hard, the time wasted in that worthless habit would have earned extra money for a regular employee if he/she could find time by themselves, and think “What is the best way to use this extra time that would give me extra money?”

2. Agreeable to herd mentality

Not all people are afraid of being left out. But only 5% of the entire population are easily swayed and follow a current craze or fad.

If you belong to the 95%, it's high time to evaluate the gains and losses you get. Yes, satisfaction is again.

But does it really contribute to bringing something to the table? Most successful people don't follow crazes because their minds are preoccupied with things related to money-making ideas.

3. Excited over next hang out

It's Friday, and as early as 4 pm, a group of friends who work in a Makati office is talking about where to go for their regular hang out.

These yuppies' minds are aimed only at work and fun.

Meanwhile, a colleague is musing about plans on how to double his income. The moment he got out of the office, he's on his way home for his online money-making project.

This man will resign in 3-years because he'll be making twice his salary by that time.

How? By keeping off too much socializing and by so doing helps in utilizing intellectual faculties to things that only translate to making money.

4. Idolizing celebrities

Celebrity idolization is a big silent enemy. It is so disruptive for a frugal person.

Individuals who idolize celebrities spend a great deal of time and money for their idols.

They wear their idol clothes, they imitate the looks, and they go out of their way just to be in the company of their idols.

Once you idolize a celebrity, your mind tends to close its doors to other productive things as you are stuck on your idol, and the things you do lean toward becoming a spender. How can you save money with that, much less augment your present income?

5. Infatuated with television series

If you're infatuated with soap operas and tv series, you're at the mercy of your television, daily. Not nightly, D A I L Y.

TV networks' business is to keep you hooked. To do that, last night episodes of 3-series you would have watched were made with sudden plot twists that absolutely pack very serious punches on your emotions And today, as the day progresses, you think of them.

Can you imagine how they rob you of your valuable time? If you don't pay interest to them, your attention will not be destructed, definitely. Not a bit (of interest.)

Every single moment of the day is dedicated to money-making ideas for your family.

Final thoughts

Bad traits are comfort zones. If you closely look into it, you will find that they really kill productivity. Replacing them with positive traits might not that easy.

New positive traits morph into comfort zones in the long run, once you get the hang of it. That's because you become used to it. And as you see success on the horizon, you enjoy utilizing your new acquired positive traits.

How do you manage your negative traits? Have you ever tried replacing the negative or bad traits with the positive ones?

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