7-Ways to Manage Time to Save Money


How to manage time?

Do you know that time management plays many important roles in all our endeavors to save money?

How to save money involves how we spend hours of our days, days of our weeks, and so on.

Now on this article, I will share with you tips to easily manage time that will add on your increasing knowledge in saving money.

Keep in mind that today, the importance of having time management tools is pretty much present, so you've got to learn using them.

Time management importance

Time once used wisely can save us money — whether an aggregate of money or a one-time big amount of money that we must shell out to fix an error that wouldn't have happened if we'd had only managed the elapsed time leading up to the particular situation.

Time is important resources
Time is one of our most valuable resources.

Example, you are too excited about a movie, and upon seeing there's no seat available at your favorite spot, you take the next schedule at 7:10 pm.

After the movie, you are headed to bakeshop in the mall which sells 50% discount from 8 pm till 9 pm.

The bakeshop has already closed. But you must buy bread before going home.

You hurriedly scrambled and ended up in a bakeshop which offers no discount.

Bad effects of no time management

Bad effects and disadvantages of not managing your time
One effect of lack of managing time is to miss out on an opportunity that results in you sulk for a while.

If you are on top of yourself and have developed some skills in time management, you are able to stave off — ward off — the negative effects of trying to make up for time itself, such as in the following:

Forced purchase of low-quality products

In our example, the popular brand of the bakery has only the world-class different varieties of bread that they must dispose of daily, and so they sell 50% lower than the regular price before the mall closing-time.

And out of necessity, you are forced to buy at a street store which doesn't measure up to the branded bread inside the mall.

On top of that, the bread in that street store costs higher than the discounted priced of the bakery in the mall.

hurrying up because of not managed time
When we don't manage time, mostly we end up rushing to look for stuff that we pretty much need.

Stress brought by beating the clock

People who are religiously into a plan of saving money but have no ability to manage their time are always beating the clock.

There are those who want to get home early for some money-generating project or those who need to buy raw materials for the products they make to sell at their office, etc.

Without the proper systematic management of time in-place, for these people, days could get ugly, as stress would take its toll.

Unmanaged time results in a stressful day
Stress caused by unmanaged time can be very distracting for a person who wants to accomplish more in a day.

Snags are always bound to happen

We always want to finish self-imposed tasks in the nick of time at the most.

Paradoxically, we always become aware that we're running out time as it manifests. So we hurry.

By doing so, we fix our attention at the realization that time flies faster than it really does and we bit of losing calm.

And during this whole process that we overlook things that cause problems which further delays task at hand.

Roadblock is always present when we want to save money.
There's are always a roadblock along the way and, we must always expect that.

These are only three of many bad aftermaths of not having to incorporate managing of time into our saving money endeavor. There's also effect in our dealing with others. Of course, some ailments are caused by continues heightened stress level.

Whatever bad effects you get from lack of time management, it all boils down to the opposite of what you want to achieve — losing money. If that is the case, there's only one thing to do in this department. Learn it.

How to manage your time?

Time management - how to do it?

1. Break granular bad habits

What are these? Detrimental habitual unproductive things such as too much attention to your smartphone social media app that it is the first thing you do in the morning upon waking up. Why not shift to calendar and planner apps?

2. Trump social app by planner app

If you're using it, good. If not, start now. Every single task must be recorded in your planner. Guest what? The events or tasks scheduled months or year/years from now must populate the corresponding dates. Develop loving your planner app like your spouse or someone dearest to you.

3. Put priorities in hierarchies

You are scheduling all tasks because they're all important. But putting the most important at #1, next important to #2 and so on will definitely result in accomplishing more as you get to reschedule the lesser in importance such as responding to the RSVP emails.

4. Learn to say no

You need to be conscious in time spent on social events. As time is money, say 'No' to an invitation that will not contribute to saving money. Now if you're on business and want to LINK increase your network and contacts LINK, do attend events but maximize your time.

5. Accomplish outdoor tasks in one go

Say you'll be in a yearly bargain sale tomorrow. You should have had already scheduled other tasks that can be done near or in the venue, e.g., meeting the sales representative that's been requesting for a product presentation, checking out a place, searching for a particular item that you need, etc.

6. Relegate tasks to gadget and app

An excellent time-saving convention is to use a Bluetooth headset in calls. You'll accomplish a lot. Another one is to let an app read sites for you. There's also one, my favorite, that manages expenses. Everything a journal does is done by this app. Expenses are downloadable.

7. Group tasks fitted in multi-tasking

You don't need to look at the television for the duration of evening news so cooking dinner, recording expenses at an app and filling up your planner can be multi-tasked. Machine laundry washing, listening to app reading sites, and checking emails can be in another 'multi-task' group.

Time management tools

Tools to manage your time

Smartphone app

At this age, the ultimate tool is a time management tool app designed exclusively to manage the user's time. Search and download a good one on both google play and apple store.

It is very convenient when you have an app that helps you manage time, that keeps track of your working hours and other important tasks. Especially now that the trend is working from home.

You can track how much time you spend on different routines, make necessary adjustments, and avoid working too long hours on certain activities.

Sometimes, we bury ourselves doing one thing for so many hours. With a time management tool app, you know you have to stop.

Planner app

If you are a person that attends to a lot of meetings, organizes some events, or even has to accomplish works in different remote areas, etc., a good planner app that syncs to the built-in calendar of your phone would come in handy.

Choose an intuitive planner app that can do the job of alerting you of an incoming event or task in a pretty active way. Different apps have different features and, I've noticed some lack sense of urgency in the way their notifications work.

You need an app with the minimal inputs needed, easy to navigate, and have smart ways of alerts like pop-ups, which is great.

Traditional planner

If you are not on using apps, as some old-school folks do, go traditional and get yourself a planner at the nearest bookstore.

When you use a traditional planner, it's best that you integrate a 4 -color ballpoint pen. Make your entries color-coded. For example, you can use red in tasks that had passed unaccomplished and must be re-schedule. You can mark as "done" accomplished activities with green.

It's easy to lose interest in planners. We need to be passionate about having a planner. So the best tips there are: use it creatively, enjoy it, and make it work on your schedules. After a while, you get to love your planner.

Final thoughts

Today, there's quite a lot of stuff that you can use to help you manage your time. In most cases, it's in your hand, literally. You're just using it the wrong way which is against the principle of time management and — saving money.

How's your skill in managing time? How do you save money in your time approach? I'd like to know other methods.

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