What Are the Best Ways to Save Money on Electricity?


Most of us want to save money. But saving money is not only focused on how much would you set aside from your paycheck to your savings account.

Energy Conservation plays a great role in the success of anyone who wants to save money.

Before you start cost-cutting measures in your daily meals outside or at work, the effort to save money must be started at your home.

Electricity is in the number one spot of the utilities from which we must start saving.

Below are the top doable things to do for energy conservation which would help you to save money even more.

Five easy ways to lower the electricity bill at home

1. Replace old appliances with energy-efficient ones

Save Electricity by Replacing old refrigerator with new fridge

Old appliances need more electricity to function well. So, they consume more energy than their new generation counterparts.

One of these appliances is the refrigerator, which is the only appliance that "on" 24/7 in most households.

If your fridge is 10-years old and above, you should know that its operation is a grind for that unit, which greatly increases its power usage.

Tips in buying new energy-efficient fridge

  1. Get 2-door ref. This type of fridge is pro-energy-conservation.
  2. Look at its energy consumption figure, the higher the number, the more energy-efficient it is.
  3. If the bottom line is to lower energy consumption, go for the manual defrost unit.

2. Maximize daylight

Daylight maximized by not using electric lights saves money and electricity

What do you have more of? At home at daytime — daylight or electric lights?

We couldn't appreciate the natural light of daylight if we use electric light alongside with it. If they're not badly needed, turn off your electric lights during the day.

Let the natural light gets in and illuminate even a small area. Let it stay that way a little bit, and soon you'll find out it's not bad. It is a different experience entirely because you're leaving essentially a very one dimensional living 24-hours a day inside your home — same artificially lit surroundings.

Believe me when I tried it, I enjoyed it. And now, I always turn off the light during the day except when cooking every meal time, doing a chore and other similar stuff. And I cut my electricity consumption significantly, which is really a positive side effect by reducing artificial light during the day.

3. Use flat iron once a month

Flat iron saves electricity if used sparingly

If you're ironing your clothes once a week, make it once a month. Buy extra inexpensive clothes.

You can wash many clothes and set them aside for later ironing. You definitely save a significant amount on your electric bill.

Do you still iron socks and undies? Be practical. Some people even don't iron their clothes. Skip them. And the hankies, along with other small wearables, should be last when the iron is already unplugged.

4. Replace all lights with LED

LED lights save electricity

Based on my experience, the beauty of LED (Light Emitting Diode) light bulbs is they are way brighter than CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) bulbs and other bulbs of different technology.

Once you have a brighter bulb that illuminates the big radius of an area in your home, you don't have to install another light near it.

The difference in brightness between a CFL bulb and a LED bulb with the same wattage of both 10 watts is remarkably noticeable. With CFL, I need to use 2-bulbs while with LED, I only use 1-bulb.

It may cost higher, but LED bulbs really knock it off when it comes to savings in the electric bill.

5. Use air-con with fan outlet

You can save a lot in electric bill if you use air-con with fan guaranteed

An A/C with a fan outlet for the plug of a separate fan is a boon to save money.

If your alarm goes off by next morning and you still snuggle underneath your comforter because your A/C is still on, then it's not practical living. You have to turn on the heater in the shower before your bath.

Get an A/C with an outlet for a fan, connect them, use the timer in the A/C so that it turns off 1 hour or 2 before you wake up, by which time the fan automatically turns on.

By doing that, you wake up feeling warmer, and a cold shower will be so inviting. You don't need to use your heater, and you save a significant amount on your bill.

Final thoughts

When we see a faucet not tightly closed, and it's dropping water, we close it tight. That's because we're conscientious.

In electricity, we do the same way. If we see a fan 'on' without anybody using it, we turn it off. If we leave our room with its fan on, we turn it off. If we see an appliance plugged in, even if its turned off, we unplug it.

There is so much way to do to conserve energy. And in doing so, it is ourselves we actually help — to save money.

Do you have your own way of conserving energy? Can each of you please share what you do to save on electricity? We need collective effort to save energy significantly.

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Vernie Mallorca is an entrepreneur and blogger with years of experience in selling to institutional accounts. He gradually shifted to blogging when he found out that it is his calling to write timely and helpful articles online that can help others to save money, make money, and secure their future by handling their income smartly. In this blog, he shares both managing your finances, however small it is and valuable information on running a small business.

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