How to Save Money by not Spending on Makeup & Cosmetics?


Save money by not spending too much on makeup instead eat food for the skin.

Do you know you can look beautiful or handsome without makeup, foundation, or any cosmetic applied on your face?

Today's article will tell you how to save money by cutting cost on your facial care and makeups.

The general topic of this blog is financial management for everyone. We can only have a mastery of it if we apply financial planning to everything that costs us money. Among them is personal grooming.

Save money by avoiding makeup and foundations instead eat food for the skin to look beautiful.

You know cosmetic is a billion dollar industry as it can transform any kind, look, and feature of a face into a stunning beauty.

Nowadays, a lot of men apply powder with a slew of them choosing makeup and foundation instead of baby powder, which is preferred by the rest.

Save money by not spending on makeup instead eat food that make your skin look great.
You can have a version of a beautiful face without expensive cosmetics if you want to save money.

I can only imagine the ladies in front of the mirror in the ladies' room retouching and applying different kinds of cosmetics.

You save money by not spending on cosmetics and face powder or make up instead eat foods that will make your skin to glow and look great and young.
A man without any good look enhancer on his face is more attractive than those with cosmetics on.

But in front of mirrors in men's rooms, it is a usual scene some men pouring baby-powder into their palms and applying it to their faces.

Conversations like, “Do you have powder? I forgot to bring mine.” Other guy's reply would be “No, I thought you're carrying yours.”

Those other men who apply foundations on their faces before going to work or malls, I happen to chance upon some of them in toilets retouching, truly live the outcry of gender equality. No offense fellas.

On a serious note, they just want to look good, who doesn't?

What if I told you this? There's a sure way that you can be beautiful or handsome for that matter even if you don't apply those artificial enhancers? The take away here is the savings you can make once you stop or cut the expenses on cosmetics. But that's only for starters.

Have you ever thought about it? I mean the time you spend in front of mirrors — at home, at malls, at work, etc.

Now try to mull over how many times you do that in a day and estimate the aggregate. Convert that aggregate of time into money.

One valuable area of financial management is rooted in the awareness that time is money. And converting your time to money is like adding an extra solid pillar to your financial management.

Financial management using your skill to convert time to money

How to convert time to money?

How to convert time to money to save more money?
If you knew the value of your time in money, you would use it wisely.

Let's say for quite a while you had been eating dinner outside before going home. And now, it has changed. You decided to cook your own dinner.

How much money do you save by not having dinner outside because you have cooked a delicious dish ready when you get home? Let's say 80 pesos. Conservatively, let's say you spend 45 minutes cooking a meal. The total number of time you spend in front of the mirror in a day is 90 minutes.

If you cooked 2-dishes by using 90 minutes saved from not using mirrors as you had used them before, the next day you will have time to prepare packed lunch so that you get to save another 80 pesos, making your total savings in a day to 160 pesos.

Save money by always using calculator and make financial computations.
Using a calculator in your daily activities that relate to money is a sign that you're doing productive for your financial security.

After making some computations, that 160 pesos would be lowered to 100 as you subtract expenses in the supermarket. A weekly grocery shopping, 60 pesos per day for meat and vegetables is fairly acceptable. So, you will save 500 pesos for the whole weekdays when you're working.

Now that's a lot of savings, don't you think?

That's how to convert time to money.

Just figure out how much you make on some of your chores. Stretch that time extended on them to produce and convert to an amount of money that is bigger.

Like instead of devoting times to retouching, and applying makeups and the like, you can convert those times making shanghai rolls you will sell to your office mates or neighbors. That's just an example.

But that's not going to happen. Not until you are "confidently beautiful" without makeup, right? So, read on.

How to save money by looking great without wearing makeups?

Looking great without makeup & foundation
You save a lot of money and energy if you don't buy makeups, face powder, and stuff, to look great.

Men, this is also for you. Even if only a handful of you use foundations on the face because the majority either use powder or swabbing astringent at night.

Having a naturally beautiful skin for both sexes is a sure way to be totally confident without any form of facial care.

The trick is to have a face that whenever you're inside a public toilet, you only need to glance at your face in the mirror in a second and get out happy because you are contented on how you look which is really awesome. You will also notice that others look at you with either admiration or envy.

How to look great without makeup & powder?

How to look great without makeup & face powder?
The dark side of makeup is you lack confidence when you don't wear them. And you spend a lot of money on them.

You can have a no-makeup beautiful skin in 6 months by following this simple eating plan:

  1. Drink 1-glass of water upon waking up in the morning, 8 to 10 glasses of water through out the day, and 1-glass of water before going to bed.
  2. Drink coffee and green tea daily. Have a cup of green tea in the morning and 4-more cups through out the day. Have a coffee every morning and another 2 to 3 cups as the day progresses. Use only zero calorie sweeter in coffee.
  3. After every breakfast, have an apple or cantaloupe. Breakfasts must have meat or salmon and a large serving of a second viand with spinach 3-times a week. Viands for the remaining 4-breakfasts of the week — misua soup with moringa leaves, liver with lots of red bell pepper, eggplant steak with lots of onions, squash with okra cooked in coconut milk.
  4. After lunch, eat half avocado 4-times a week and a slice of watermelon 3-times a week. Lunch should contain salmon 3-times a week and cooked with lots of tomatoes and spinach. Sinigang is a good example. Other lunches of the week — sauteed bittergourd in lots of tomatoes and aliums, mung beans with beef shanks and moringa leaves, chicken tinola with spinach, pork sinigang with spinach.
  5. Dinner should be light. Serve a salmon for dinner 3-times a week and broccoli 4-times a week. After every dinner, have a half of an avocado 3 to 4-times a week and banana 3 to 4-times a week.
  6. During this 6 months eating regimen, make sure you consume, aside from already mentioned, the following anytime of the day: whole wheat tasty bread with peanut butter — 4 times a week, sweet potato — 4 times a week, egg — 5 times a week, carrot — 3 times a week, orange — 3 times a week.
  7. Drink 1-glass of juice everyday made from any of the following: apple, watermelon, orange, lemon, and strawberry.
  8. Take vitamin C and E regularly and use only the mild soap to wash your face. Don't use astringent or any facial regimen. Leave your face alone. The only time you touch it is when you take a shower or washing it in the morning. Don't ever apply anything on your face whatsoever.


You need to consult a doctor first before embarking on some of suggested above. Have a medical check-up and ask the doctor if you can follow this kind of diet. Different persons have different physiological and health conditions. So, it is a must to consult a doctor.

By following the above enumerated natural process, adhering to it for six months, paying attention to number #1 and #2 which are either easily slipped one's mind or taken for granted, you gain so much on your physical looks.

You get to realize your dream of owning a beautiful, radiant, and glowing skin which will never ever need a mask of cosmetics to be admired.

Take note that

  • You can have your own ways of preparing a meal or dish.
  • Or, on how are you going to serve your fruit desserts.
  • So long as all mentioned food-items are present in your every meal.

It is understandable that no one will like to ingest the food of the same way of cooking weekly, much less everyday.

The dishes mentioned on each number above are only ideas which are applicable to the food item.

I suggest you follow them and then create your own recipes for each set of raw materials.

As examples

  • You can prepare your sweet potato in so many ways. Among them — as salad, mashed, fried, grilled, or just eat it straight from the pot. Or use it in menudo instead of potato.
  • Aside from salmon sinigang, you can have salmon steak, salmon pesa, or you can grill it, etc.
  • You can also have adobong spinach as a side dish, or you can steam or have it pickled, etc.

As you notice, there are lots of tomatoes, lots of onions and lots of red bell peppers in the methods.

That's because they are not there to use as ingredients for particular cooked dishes.

Rather they are ingredients for this process of getting beautiful younger skin.

They are as equally important as salmon, spinach, avocado, watermelon, sweet potatoes, and other items in this course.

Tips & Reminders

Ways to save money by not spending on makeup
Naturally nourished skin from within, glows and in tune with nature. You save a lot when you don't spend on cosmetics.

You will embark on a life-changing endeavor. You must be willing to accept that trade-off. As you spend extra time for this undertaking.

Focus on what you can achieve in the area of earning and saving money when you have a lot of time at your disposal brought by discarded almost endless rituals in front of the mirrors.

One of the challenges is the longer time in food preparations. Then, there's this big change in working routine as you will have to bring your packed lunch and those different kinds of stuff that you need to ingest to follow the food regimen.

Don't worry as you will get used to it. Care not a whit about what other would say.

Save money by not using makeup & face powder
A man's natural skin color is utterly in blend with nature's beauty. You don't need to spend money to change it.

Remember, foundations and powders on the face as well as the other cosmetics, aside from being hindrances of saving money in the long term are the ones that caused people's faces wrinkled and older.

As you apply cosmetic on your face, you only hide a wrinkle and unhealthy skin which by the coming days cosmetic will worsen. Then you apply cosmetic again, patching here and there, and then you feel happy because you look awesome on whatever you apply.

You will just depend on those powders, makeups, or foundation to look good. Throw them away and be intelligent.

Save money by having beauty without depending on cosmetics and makeups.
Save money by having beauty without depending on cosmetics and makeups.

With a proper way of nourishing your skin with what it needs to glow, the benefits grow exponentially — you will be happy, proud of yourself for being out there without a cosmetic masked on, and believe me you will develop the positive outlook and accomplish copious tasks that will generate incomes and savings for you.

Save money by being handsome without spending on face powders and the like.
Save money by being handsome without spending too much time and money putting face powder in front of mirrors.

Now with regards to actual nutritional components of what I have given in this process, this post will become so lengthy as a novel if I expatiated about them.

First of all, I use them, and I always received positive comments, especially from those I never got to see in a long haul.

"You got young!" is the usual praise I get from them. Second of all, I let you google them and see for yourself.

I never use kale and almond because the supply is scarce, and they're expensive here in the Philippines. The items I highly proud of in using and listed here are abundant, economical, and favorable to my taste and digestion.

Don't forget the following while on this program

  1. The way you drink water must be as how suggested in the program or discontinue it.
  2. There's nothing that can replace salmon on its job on the skin.
  3. Spinach seconded and stands out for the easiness in preparation and its availability.
  4. Green tea works wonder on skin and weight.
  5. Don't underestimate coffee's antioxidants that help as anti-aging elements.
  6. Sweet potato is the only root crop among many, which is the most nutritious for the skin.
  7. Avocado is the best fruit for the skin, ultimately.
  8. Each item posted here is — a must.


Properly nourishing our skin is much cheaper than putting on different kinds of cosmetic. In the long term — years and even decades of one's life — they'll save a lot of money if they shun artificial outside beauty enhancers.

By sticking to this, you actively take care of your financial management as your awareness of converting time to money grows.

The combination of time recycled from putting on cosmetics, the cost-effectiveness of skin maintenance from within, and the positive side-effects to other areas of general health ultimately trumps the cosmetics effects to the side.

Do you spend more on makeups and face powders than foods for beautiful skin? Do you eat veggies and fruits that help to have healthy glowing skin? Let us know in the comments section below.

Disclaimer on images

Some pictures here required face-enhancement for the provider of the images. So not all models in the photos aren't wearing a little bit of makeup — but just for the sake of photography.

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