Top Part-Time Jobs Available Most of the Time


Part-time jobs available most of the time.

You will never make money in blogging for the first 8 to 12 months. And that's definite. That's why blogging won't pass for a part-time job.

By definition, a part-time job is a work given by a company, or an employer, which is done in less than 30-hours a week — that's the part-time job.

If you're in the hunt for a part-time job, you're on the right page.

Part-time jobs available all year round

Blogging is not a part-time job

Blogging can be considered as freelance job as freelancers don't associate themselves with any company. Freelancers choose the companies or individuals with which they want to be associated.

We need to clear the air on this aspect because a lot of Filipinos seek part-time jobs thinking what they look for are salaried works on a part-time basis.

Blogging is not a part-time job.

In this article is the list of part-time jobs available all year round. If you're looking for a particular paid work that doesn't require 9-hours on the job then, check this out.

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The myth about blogging

"Blogging is a smart move to have a part-time job."

This myth is giving you false hope. I have been blogging for years now, and it's not the work on the side.

Finding a part-time job today is like winning a lottery. There are a lot of factors that pose as obstacles for the part-time job seeker to really jump in whenever they finally find available ones. But that's after the painstaking search.

The main reason for this is the time schedule. Most of us work from 8 am to 5 am, so what left for us is the graveyard. And we only have 3-4 hours for part-times to be effective and fit for 2-jobs.

To help you out, I listed the top part-time jobs from which you can pick the right fit for you.

Part-time Jobs

1. 2D Animators

If you know how to draw and good at it, you can be a 2D animator. But other skills in computer programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash are also required in most situations.

Your work involves creating a design with the use of pencil and paper and utilize the latest computer technology to get the finished design work. Yes, there are companies that hire part-time 2D animators.

We have no data for the salary, but according to, an animator earns 240k on average a year.

2. Atelier Assistant

Atelier Assistant work in a designer's or artist's room. He or she assists the designer or the artist in the atelier.

An Atelier assistant's duties also include the handling of documents, records, and inventory. He/she must ensure that these are regularly updated.

3. Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassadors work with sales and marketing managers by representing a brand of a company to the consumers.

Good communications skill is needed to be hired as a brand ambassador. Most companies require a high school diploma in the education field on their job hiring posts.

The vocational diploma of any course is also accepted. But sales experience is required.

One company posted Php 10,000 to 14,000 as the salary for this position in

4. Cashier

We don't need to explain the job description of a cashier, do we? Everybody knows what a cashier does.

I've seen a lot of “part-time cashier” job posts on some of the online job sites.

We don't have information as to how much a part-time cashier gets paid, but a full-time cashier earns an average of 142K pesos, according to

5. Communication Assistant

Communication assistants listen to conversations on phones and repeat what they hear accurately into voice recognition software.

You must possess listening and enunciation skills to the highest levels. The minimum education requirement is you must be a high school graduate. This is a high paying job.

In an advertisement for this position on, a company pays part time CA Php 20K basic plus allowance for 4-hour a day work.

6. Copy Editor

Copy Editor checks and reviews a submitted content for an article or document. As a copy editor, you proofread filed materials for editing.

You either revise the material or make suggestions to improve its entire structure. The bachelor is the inimum requirement for this position.

A full time Copy Editor earns an average of Php 187K a year income according to the We have no data on part time salary for this position.

7. Customer Service Phone Agent

Customer Service Phone Agents are responsible for cultivating a good relationship with the customers from any country around the globe.

It is done by the traditional phone calls through which these agents resolve any issue and promptly answer any inquiries throw at them by the clients.

There are job postings for part time Customer Service Phone Agent though the salary is not available. Full Time starting salary is Php 250K a year on average.

8. English Tutor

If you're an authority in English from grammar and vocabulary to the practical approach in getting fluent, then get yourself a one-on-one English tutorial part time job.

ESL (English Second Language) students top the list of people who seek tutors. You have mothers who seek tutors for their kids.

Even some writers need polishing on their grammars. Going rate English Tutor is Php 200-250/hour.

9. Financial Consultant

There are job postings online by some financial institutions for the position of Financial Assistant on a part-time basis.

This is different from the self-employed financial consultant as here you work as a part-time employee of the financial company.

Your job is to help clients in managing their finances, suggesting the right financial plans for their needs, etc. The salary varies from company to company.

10. Marketing Assistant

Job postings for this position on part time basis appear from time to time on online job sites. One job post required only 3-hour/day work for this position.

As Marketing Assistant, you give all support needed by sales and marketing managers on plans and marketing campaigns to develop effective strategies that target maximized profit for the company.

There's no listing for the salary range of part-time marketing assistant. Full-time marketing assistants make an average of Php 187K a year.

11. Mystery Shopper

This is a cool job. In a sense, you were a sleuth, if you were hired as a mystery shopper. One job posting in defines the mystery shopper job in three ways — “Visit, Record, Report.”

You, as the Mystery Shopper of the company, will be visiting Point of Sales (POS) areas. You blend with other customers and act like one of them.

Using a recording device, you must record the conversations and transactions. And then report or send the recordings to the home office for evaluation.

There's no info on the salary, but if you like the job, go for it. It's fun because, in most cases, fast food chains hired mystery shoppers. That means free meals on the job, and it's part-time.

12. Online English Teacher

This is a home based part-time job for those who love teaching. Your oral and written communication skills must be excellent.

You will teach students from other countries in the comfort of your home and online. Your education must be Bachelor's to qualify for this position.

A series of free training is provided by the company. Job postings for this position appear from time to time on some online job sites.

There's no listing on salary, and you're working time is about 16 hours a week.

13. Online Writer

Online writers or content writers work by writing articles that ensure the target readers of the company that hired them to get accurate information.

Online writers must have natural interests in a variety of topics like travel, technology, finance, etc., and so they must possess excellent research skills.

But the greatest asset of online writers is their love to write. If you have it, this job is for you. We've seen part-time online writers as well as content writers in major online job posting sites.

No available data for the salary of a part-time online writer but a full-time content writer earns Php 230K a year.

14. Packaging Designer

Packaging Designers collaborate with the Budget Officer and other professionals in the field to come up with the most stunning packaging for the brand at the most cost-effective rate.

Package Designers use sketches to initiate a concept of a design based on the needs of the company or its client. They use creative software in creating and editing designs.

The skills needed for this job are — Photoshop, Print Design, Logo Design, Illustrator, Graphic Editing, etc. You can find job postings for this position as part-time online.

Final thoughts

Different people have different time availabilities. Some people look for part-time jobs even though they don't have a day job. Situations like — being a student, single parent, waiting for a call for work abroad, running a meager business, etc. — necessitate one to choose a part-time job.

Other people have full-time jobs but need to augment their salary. It's all comes down to one thing — everyone needs extra income. The best way is to choose a part-time job that not only helps you make some bucks but also adds value to your existing situation.

In other words, the part-time job should not get in the way of a full-time job, or hamper the main path you're taking right now. It's smart to have a part-time job that supplements your knowledge whatever you do right now.

If you were to choose, which one of the above part-time jobs is fit for you? And why? Share your thoughts on comments below :)

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