Money-Saving Tips on Getting Your Money Back in Poor Service


Money saving tips on poor service by getting your money back.

This post constitutes my money-saving tips for you that I gained from a blazing discovery for myself on how to handle inconsistencies and unreliability of call agents and customer service of some private companies here in the Philippines.

We know that to save money, we must ensure that we get the promised service of a service provider. A lot of you can relate to my story here.

Money saving tips on getting your money back in poor service.

Imagine in just a few minutes of controlled composure I was able to get what I wanted which translated to money refunded to me versus my usual irate approach caused by my big disappointments to my internet broadband provider.

Money-saving tip 1: Handling phone calls to customer hotlines of any service or utility company

proper handling of calls to customer service agents
Controlling the conversation with a customer service agent over the phone saves you time and, ultimately, you get what you want.

When your goal is to get a refund of your payment or a part of it for service not rendered to you fairly, you must be in control of the conversation with the agent.

I've learned about this lesson that caused me money in terms of time spent on the phone getting no positive results because I was pissed. Now, I know better. Learn from me as you read this actual event on my being an unsatisfied customer.

I was able to recover Php 1,175 of my payment for the poor service. And if you happen to experience a similar situation, you can apply the method I use in talking my way up to get the result that I wanted — get my money back.

Because of assertiveness, technically, I was able to save Php 1,175. Though it's just credited back to my account, it's still money saved as I can skip 1-month and 5-days without paying them, right? So I would save the money, my savings suddenly gets 1,175 extra.

So if you keep watch on all similar situations and apply what I apply here, you can really stretch the money saved. Just don't let any peso goes down the drain. Make sure all your payments are what you owe.

Below are the details of what happened.

Customer service handling of poor service

I used to throw a fit after series of failures of my ISP in handling connection problems of my broadband which involved:

  1. more than 5 phone calls with an average of 25 minutes waiting to be answered for each call
  2. couples of visit of their contractor tinkering with my computer and the modem to no avail
  3. their engineers report for work done in the post outside my residence to no avail as well, and
  4. weeks of persistent and continues slow, intermittent and often disconnected signal

Meanwhile, I am pretty much updated in my monthly payment obligation.

Broadband service slow and intermittent connection

How worst is the situation?

intermittent and sometimes offline wifi broadband connection signal
Whenever you get this symbol on your device connection setting, with that x sign that says you're not connected, that signals big cut on your productivity.

  • My broadband began operating a very slow connection for the nth time in September.
  • Not only did it slows down big time. It gets disconnected for 5 to 8 minutes, connects again for another 10 minutes, and then disconnects again.
  • It keeps that way 24/7. So I called my ISP on September 13.
  • The visit and repair of their team are scheduled and done.
  • Nothing changed — my connection was still weak.
  • I called again to be told that yes they have a major problem in the area and so on.

Poor broadband signal persists

By December, I still couldn't do anything good in my work because of the antiquated internet connection I get.

Now it's time to get my money back

When I called again, deeming that the situation was really a hopeless case, I asked the agent on the other line, “Can I get the adjustments now for September, October and November monthly fees that I have paid (on time)?”

And the agent answered, “No, after the fix, and your connection gets normal (speed), we'll process the adjustment from the start to the date the connection normalized?”

I couldn't believe it. If they prolong their slow connection for 12 more months, their debt to me will add up until it becomes hard for me to get my money back.

Yes, my stand is if I don't get the service, you must return parts of my payments, accordingly.

What to do when a broadband company is giving you a hard time?

I told myself that I wouldn't get heated again. Something must be done here.

I call NTC or National Telecommunication Commission to file complaint against poor broadband service.
NTC or National Telecommunications Commission regulates telecom networks in the county. They listen to public complains and all you have to do, given that your provider is giving you a hard time, is to contact the complaint hotline.

So I called NTC (National Telecommunications Commission) and walked them through the bad situation I had with this ISP and how their agent handled my request for payment adjustment.

Finally, I ask the NTC officer, “Is there a violation on the part of my broadband provider?” And he answered, “Yes, there is a violation and a major one.”

In short, I was told to send my formal complaint by email. And that's what I was going to do that very moment. It's my habit to pay attention to every detail, and I wanted to include in my letter the date that I became a subscriber of this ISP because it was long about 9-years already.

Money-saving tip 2: Use magic words to change the implemented rule

Right words win in any arguments
Right words said at the right time result in a winning situation that favors the party that knows how to deliver the right words.

I decided to call the ISP to get the exact date on which my broadband was installed.

My purpose was to keep my call brief, by only getting the info needed, which is the date, then hang up.

But I was tempted to utter this

“I am sending a complaint to NTC, and I needed that date.”

And in an assertive tone

I continued, “What you do is not acceptable, ignoring my request to fix my very poor connection, and you don't want to refund parts of payments on affected months.” Then I just said this, “That's what I call Gross Negligence.”

Just like that

And the whole situation changes. The agent excused herself, and once back in the line informed me that they were looking into my account and, I have to wait for some more minutes so that they can give me the adjusted amount and a reference number as well.

After about 12 minutes

The agent assured me that a total of 1,175 would be credited to my account. It was already approved, she said. She gave me the reference number and added that the amount adjusted will be reflected on my next bill.

True enough

I get -1,175 in my latest bill, as if I have an overpayment. I will use that available amount as payments to the upcoming months of "normal" broadband service.

The result of the latest actions that I had taken made the impact, and I am satisfied. Had I didn't take those actions, I still wonder if I will be refunded.

For me, the last conversation with the customer service agent turned the table on them. I was able to deliver the right words, and they did the right thing.

Final Thoughts

Although this article is about the 2-money-saving tips, it taught us four valuable pieces of information.

  1. There is no perfect business operation, especially in the service sector, that's for sure.
  2. Government agencies regulate private companies. That made us protected.
  3. If being given a hard time by a service company, one should call the regulating agency.
  4. And let the service provider know that you mean business in asserting your rights.

Do you experience poor service on any provider? Do you take action? Or you just always let it pass? Share with us in the comments below.

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