How to Save Money by Being Happy?


It is always accurate to say that you can't buy true happiness with money.

But being happy at all times definitely saves you from a financial crisis brought by poor health.

10 Easy Ways to be Happy

There are correlations between chronic loneliness and major heart problems.

Untreated these bad conditions of heart will trigger further damage inside our body.

Among the most expensive health's ailments are — heart attack and stroke. Some people lost their lifelong savings in fighting these silent killers.

So, how do you avoid getting broke if the impending one is caused by heart diseases which were spawned by chronic loneliness?

The trick is to reverse it and start living happily. In this article are simple and effective ways to achieve that.

How to be happier?

I had my own experiences of extremely negative feelings.

They blocked my desire to be always happy — and it cost me productivity that resulted in delays to save money.

What I did was — I invested a great deal of time on how to be always happy.

And I was able to hack it — I am now a happier person. And I'm glad to share them with you, here:

10-easy ways to be happy

  • Eat happy foods
  • Break your anger the effective way
  • Develop a new passion
  • Experiment on others' admiration
  • Accentuate your number one asset
  • Prioritize happiness over money
  • See yourself from the distance
  • Don't cry over spilled milk
  • Be emotionally independent
  • Exercise your way to a happy day

How to be happy in 10-easy ways?

1. Eat happy foods

Happy food like apple is a good start to be happy
Eating food that uplifts our spirit is an excellent way to start the day.

First thing first — our body's metabolism is fueled by the right amount of nutrients.

A man performing hard physical work should consume good carbs with protein-loaded meal regularly.

By the same token, a person who wants to be in a happy mood at all times should eat foods that trigger good mood.

It is scientifically proven, and it works. I've tried it, and to this day I strictly adhere to it.

Here are some of my favorite foods. They really contribute to my happy disposition on a daily basis:

  • salmon
  • oyster
  • spinach
  • orange
  • apples
  • bananas
  • eggs
  • coffee
  • green tea
  • mushroom

But there are a lot of other happy foods you can eat, e.g., walnut, berries, quinoa, dark chocolate, turmeric, etc.

Tip: If you want to cut cost, eat as many kinds of inexpensive fruits as possible, drink plenty of water in addition to some of the above, then, you're on your way to a happy mood.

2. Break your anger the effective way

Anger blocks your path to a happy day. Once you get mad in the morning, your bad temper would not go away the entire day.

Anger like this can get worst in the course of the day unless you manage it effectively.

A lot of ways to break anger have been published. But they all seemed more of repressing the temper which might lead to a more explosive rage later in the day.

Here's a best and faster way to break anger into pieces and turn it into calm temperament. Once you feel the onset of angriness, softly and under your breath say, “Why can't I get mad now?” then follow-up that sentence with “I want to feel angry but I can't.”

While you utter the words, your voice is naturally in awe as though you are wondering why you can not feel mad.

You can use variations such as:

  • “Why can't I feel mad/angry anymore?”
  • “Oh I can not feel angry/mad anymore, why is it so?”
  • “I'm not getting mad anymore!”
  • “Why am I not getting mad now?”
  • “Why can't I be furious?”
  • “Why can't they steam me up anymore?”

That's only the first part. The second is just as simple as that. I'll let you on a secret. This method has helped me a lot.

Along with other 9-others here, this one contributed big time on my total transformation of being a happy person.

Now the second part. In the same state and manner that is you are wondering, under your breath say, “I can't feel angry anymore.” (You can use a synonym.) Right off, follow it up with “My rage has exploded in (earth's) atmosphere and, now it is reduced to a free-floating awareness in the space.”

Let visualizations take place inside your mind as you say them like the turbulence in the atmosphere that caused your anger to have exploded and now you're looking at a space rocket peacefully floating in the space.

If there's a temptation for angriness to persist on your first try, congratulations, you're on the right track.

The second and third will dissipate that and, as you do it regularly, you will get the hang of it. Soon, you get to repel the devil of getting angry easily.

In fact, you will be surprised at how it came so easy. You will develop a smiling mind that you will feel come hugging your cheeks near your lips and turn muscles there into a smiled position that will be reinforced by the conditioning of the trigger sentences you spontaneously whisper.

3. Develop a new passion

You can be happy by discovering new passion
Try doing different things opens up new penchants and the eventual new passion for any person.

Passion is magical. It gives a purpose and eliminates slacks in a day of one who has it.

Discover what will give you fulfillment. Aside from family and friends, there must be a thing that when you do will give you excitement.

It doesn't relate to income, but some passions also happened to be bread and butter of some.

Explore yourself and look for that place within where the longing to do something like writing, painting, singing, sports, etc., exists.

Take me as an example. Do you know that just merely looking at what I create on blog templates makes me smile and feel satisfied?

I don't make money in coding and customizing templates but seeing the improved version I made on this site's template, for example, is euphoric. The design that you're looking at right now is a far cry from the original template. The fulfillment I feel is through the roof.

Bloggers don't usually tinker on the layout. They write, publish, and do the basic tasks in the SEO department of the — professional blogging — if applicable to them.

But not me. I spend a great of my time and effort both in the CSS and the HTML and — maximize. I enjoy it pretty much.

Ever since I had done the first tweak in a template, there's always a spark of happiness that added up to other enjoyments in my life.

4. Experiment on others' admiration

You can start being happy by accepting people admiration
Self-improvement breeds admiration from other people which makes you inspired and happy.

Enjoy the taste of being looked up to because of the simple personality improvement that you have made to yourself.

It is human psychology. Each of us wants to be treated important or being given importance.

Now if you could do an experiment that will amuse others while makes you a happy person, would you do it?

Look for a thing in your personality that you'd wish had been made different. Improve that and keep on doing it until it leans towards the improved version.

Keep it improving daily until you notice it is being admired by people around you most especially, by those you don't know.

While in the process, don't be too hard on yourself. Just have fun.

Soon, you will realize that you are enjoying the positive response and the receptions that you receive from other people.

Don't be conceited about it rather be mum about it and enjoy it.

5. Accentuate your number one asset

To be happy is to accentuate your outstanding feature or asset
Searching for the number 1 asset in your personality — cultivating it even more — will bring happiness in your heart.

All of us has an outstanding feature. Most of the time, we tend to take it for granted and do nothing about it.

That's one of the primary reasons why we easily get angry, lonely, and alone.

What you have is something that other people would wish they had. Whether you know it or not, the reality of seeing you possessed characteristics that make you exceptional in their eyes, makes them a bit lonely and unsatisfied. Yes, they also feel what you feel.

Look at your asset, whether physical or within your body, a facial feature probably or your profundity maybe or sturdier personality.

And then make it known to more people on this planet. Assets are not hidden. They are shown so that it draws inspirations and aspirations.

6. Prioritize happiness over money

When we prioritize happiness over money, the richness of beauty that surrounds us becomes clear in our vision. That makes us compounding happiness within us.

Money should only be a ticket to get into the joy rides of life. It should never be a symbol of happiness for us.

If you always think of every penny that you spend, and you worry about getting broke, there's no way you will be happier.

Yes we all need money. Everyday of our lives, we work so that at payday we get to provide for our family. But money shouldn't be the ultimate source of joy for us.

I think seeking happiness is not in how rich or poor we are. Rather it should be in enjoying every little bit of pieces and every huge chunk of objects that we encounter while we work.

Instead of the price, look at how superb the meal was.

Instead of the big cut on budget, focus on how enjoyable seeing yourself in photos taken by a DSLR camera. They are priceless, especially with your family.

Instead of the amount, see how fantastic to be on a trip to an exotic destination with your dear one.

7. See yourself from the distance

We see the world outward. Our outlook in life always originates from the vantage point right where we are in a moment.

To enjoy life, we need to see our own self on how it does on its turf, positively.

If we find ourselves not doing okay, we feel bad. By the same token, if we find ourselves doing great, we feel elated.

As a therapy, try visualizing yourself from afar and see you and the expanse where you are.

Seeing yourself from a distance is good therapy that can make you happy
Seeing yourself from a distance triggers refresh, and restart buttons on both our mind and heart. And we see a whole new beauty that includes us which fills our heart with happiness.

If you're walking to your workplace, visualize from above that you're in harmony with other elements in the surroundings, i.e., your black pants match the white-colored pedestrian lane, and the sidewalk looks great with you walking on it.

And the trees along the street become more vivid in green and brown barks when you become a stroke of art — walking by in a white-colored shirt (or whatever you're wearing).

Or when in the park, the entirety delineated its verdure when it welcomes you.

As your visualization gets far, you see yourself down the street becomes a part of a whole cohesion of an ecological landscape that makes up that beautiful part of the world where you live.

Apply this in any situation or location that you found yourself, and you start feeling the difference.

8. Don't cry over spilled milk

To be happy is to don't cry over spilled milk
We can't do something to milk that spilled on the floor. Any effusive action only wastes money and time. So, whatever it is, moving on - is the best way to handle it.

Don't be too hard on yourself over little mistakes that you didn't mean to happen.

You dropped the box of eggs to the floor and, the eggs are broken, so what? Did you do that on purpose? Forget it without a fuss.

It is natural to be guilty. But manage it smartly. Otherwise, the guilt will control your mind until it blocks your perception to other things ahead. And your day will end up consumed by negative vibes.

You have accidentally spilled a portion of raw rice in the floor. Either wash it or throw it. Don't spend a single word of antipathy. It will just make you unhappy for hours.

If you have forgotten to gas up before the price hike, just think when you fulled the tank, and the price was low.

Some people spend time in miseries over small mistakes that they don't intentionally do.

9. Be emotionally independent

An emotionally independent person is happy being alone.
Emotional independence crushes all the negative feelings of being alone when you are used to having a companion all the time. You are happier, whether with someone or no one. You are just happy — all the time.

Yes, we've got to be emotionally attached to our love ones for completeness of our existence. But you've got to allocate a part of your being that is ready to be emotionally independent at any given time.

Disappointments usually occur in almost all kinds of relationships. If you develop being an emotionally independent person, you lessen disappointments in your relationship. Disappointments trigger unhappiness, do they?

Let's say you were too excited to watch a movie with your spouse. And you're looking forward to their positive response. And there it goes. A meeting in the office rendered them impossible to leave the work place.

If you have this emotionally independent attitude, you will just say, “No problem, the movie is good. I'll go watch it, okay honey? See you at home.”

Wouldn't that be great? Two birds in one stone. You get to enjoy the movie with all honesty, and you've been endeared more to your spouse for being so broad-minded.

10. Exercise your way to a happy day.

Jogging regularly can make your mind happy
Physical exercises unleash feeling of self-love, which is a key element for being a happy person.

If we do exercise regularly, we fortify happy thoughts because we are self-assured and satisfied.

This rule might be a little bit overused, and that is why you must pay attention to it.

A person without any regimen of physical exercises gets mentally drained easily. Stress takes its toll because the mind gets loaded of unwanted thoughts.

When we work-out or jog for that matter, we perspire, and that's where tensions get released. As soon as we get our adrenaline up in a physical exercise, our mind tends to have a clear vision. It is caused by longer, and deeper inhale/exhale that we ought to give to compensate the need for oxygen. At this stage, our mind is renewed, and we are more relaxed.

As the physical exercise for the day is done, our attention is focused on how healthy we are and how physically-fit we are. The completeness is there and, we won't even think of other things but how important and how blessed we are with healthy mind and body. Our mind is fixated. Nothing can easily make us unhappy in this state of mind.

What makes us happy?

It all comes down to increasing dopamine level in your mind. Dopamine is a chemical in the brain responsible for charting our heart to be happy.

So, the lower the dopamine, the lonely we are. The higher the dopamine, the happier we are.

All I mentioned above will help you increase dopamine in your mind. But there's one more. In fact, this one is much easier. And I wrote it in our signature notepad here:

Listening to music increases dopamine in your mind. Have a daily dose of music, and your dopamine level goes up.


How does being happy help save money? Happy persons are active and positive thinkers. And a positive mind is creative. Creativity always paves the way to ideas on how to do things.

Aside from the avoidance of medical expenses brought by illnesses associated with depression, happy people don't have to hurdle the different emotional obstacles. So, it's pretty easy to do various tasks, and it all added up to money saved and more ways to save coming their way.

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