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how to make money online

If there's an area in our lives that the internet has touched dramatically, it's in the finance aspect.

Today almost everyone asks how to earn money online. If you would only utilize the power of the internet to the max, you get to realize that anybody with a creative mind can make a living out of it.

top 7 ways how to make money online ethical way

Even if you don't have a master's degree or a college diploma, you can surpass the monthly take-home pays of those working in corporate institutions, prominent companies, and government-owned corporations.

Although some internet money makers have add-ons such as videocams and landline phones, for the most part, what you only need to make money online are these:

  • internet connectivity
  • laptop
  • your intuition
  • determination to earn

What we have here are different ways of making money online — ethically and decently. There are shady schemes on the internet. We're not going to name them here.

Trust that each of the enumerated below are those you can only be proud of and worth making a career of — online.

Top 7 ways to make money online

1. Create videos & earn in adverts

Video blogging or vlogging is a top ways on how to earn money from home.
For someone who has been on the look-out on how to make money online, creating videos and publishing them online can be the answer.

YouTube channels make money through advertisements, which become remunerative when you reach the point that you have thousands of viewers daily.

Do you think you have the required attitudes to become a Video Blogger? If yes, here are what you should consider.

  1. Create a channel for only one topic, if you like cooking, then create a cooking channel. If you're fond of technology, then create a channel for all technology video contents.
  2. The secret in a successful YouTube channel lies in the impact of the niche of the videos on the larger populace of the viewers.
  3. Ask yourself, “What do I have worth to share in videos?” Your next question would be, “What difference would I make that will click to the viewers and make them subscribe to my channel?”

In cooking videos, for example, one might ask, “Is there a major difference that I could offer to food junkies that makes them follow my channel?”

Just a few months ago, I discovered cooking palatable, tasty, and delicious dishes without using MSG.

There are hacks on spices and condiments which I put together and applied in my cooking. I never felt healthier.

If ever I start a YouTube channel in cooking, it's now obvious how would my videos stand with other cooking-channels on YouTube, right?

You see, you can create a YouTube channel in the comfort of your home.

  • Top topics for YouTube channels are different tutorials of almost anything under the sun.
  • You can also create a collection of contents for home-living, tips, and how-tos.
  • These niches would allow you to focus on search terms, which are great in optimizing your videos on YouTube search.

Creating YouTube videos is definitely a fun way of making money online if you get the hang of it.

2. Blog your way to making money

Blogging answers the question how to earn money from home.
Blogging is a great way to make money from home because mostly you do blogging using a laptop and, of course, a broadband connection.

One of the best ways of making a living on the internet that took the world by storm on its infancy is blogging.

Making money at the comfort of your own home — with only a laptop, the internet and, the power of your mind — is the best part of being a blogger.

Before we carry on, let me clarify. Blogging here doesn't refer to the hobby, which is blogging done by some “troller-bloggers” who publish articles about politics or commentaries. They're different, and they don't make money as the one we're talking about here today, which is PRO-BLOGGING.

To become a pro-blogger, which means a person that blogs — professionally, there are self-imposed standards that you follow.

You're doing it professionally so that your blog will generate income in the future after putting hard work into it.

When do you start making money blogging?

  • Blogs don't make money on the early stage.
  • But once you have ranked in Google, about a year, you can apply for Google Adsense and start making money through ads once approved.
  • Your blog by that time will have been making money on its own, and your hard work will have been rewarded.

How to ensure you get to make money blogging?

If you want to attain that in blogging, here are what to remember in creating your first blog.

  1. Do a keyword-research first and use high paying keywords in your posts.
  2. Your posts should only about one topic, which is your chosen niche.
  3. Choose only one niche for one blog, i.e., technology blog, travel blog, finance blog, etc.
  4. Learn about the basic formatting of posts — in HTML — because your content should be properly structured.
  5. At the very least — you need to familiarize with the heading tags (h1,h2,h3, and so on) and use them in the correct hierarchy.
  6. Share each published post on social media.
  7. These are only a few important tasks that should be included in your self-imposed standards.

If you're serious in starting a career, and earn a decent income on pro-blogging, you will not limit yourself to what I mentioned above.

The key to success and become a successful professional blogger is SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization. Google it and get off to the right start.

3. Become a content writer and earn

Content writer is one of the top ways to make money online ethically and realistically.
As a content writer, you create them for companies or professional bloggers and, you get paid much earlier than being the blogger yourself.

If you have a skill in writing and passionate about it, you can make a lot of money. Content writers get paid either per word or per article.

By developing your writing skills every single day and slowly improving the styles and tones of your writing, landing a job becomes easy.

As with other businesses, industry, and career, content writing requires the application of proven techniques and strategies for a budding content writer's career to really take off.

How to sell yourself as a content writer?

To establish yourself and get noticed by client websites, you need to show off your works — while at the same time you need to be seen in the online circles of content writers where clients also converge.

How to start as a content writer?

  1. Create your own comprehensive profiles in all content creation websites and add links to your published works.
  2. So you might want to submit guest posts to some sites and blogs where readers can leave comments.
  3. Clients of content writing always look at the quality, so make sure your sample works published on other websites really stand out.
  4. Now that you already have catchy profiles and your previous written contents get shared and received a lot of nice comments, it's time to bid.
  5. Bookmark a number of good content sites. And embark on the bulky work of an experienced paid content writer — bid and bid and bid on all interesting jobs that you can find.

Your initial gigs as a content writer would give way to more successful stints.

Clients that you've previously worked for will contact you again.

Until such time that bidding will become optional.

Then again - it all depends on how you impress clients with your content writing jobs.

4. Make money as a virtual assistant

Virtual assistant is a great way to earn money online.
Being a Virtual Assistant is one of the best ways to make money online, but you need some skills in the office that you get to use in your home-based job.

In a sense, you will put up your own office at your own home. That what happens when you choose to become a self-employed virtual assistant.

You can be an employed virtual assistant or VA, but the limitations in income, working hours, and working environment make you second-guess your own decision to apply for that job.

As a self-employed VA, you operate a cushy business in your own professional settings. You are surrounded by the laptop, printer, scanner, cellphone, and the comfy desk & an office chair. A high-speed internet connection is a must.

Yes, you will need to shell out some money at the very outset here.

But the income is unlimited, and it's one of the high paying online jobs today. There are certain requirements in terms of skills in your part. For starters, you must have above average communication skills. Your time management and organizational skill must be pretty decent.

If you're serious about becoming a VA but doubting your skills, there are VA training programs with certifications, which you can google. They are so handy if you want to capitalize on your credibility as VA.

Once your (home) base is up and running, and that you're good to go, getting VA jobs, will never be an issue. There are tons of listings on the web. All you need to do is google it.

One thing, you need branding for yourself so, a website will help you a lot. As for VA tasks, they are as follows:

  • customer support
  • tech support
  • social media management
  • event planning
  • proofreading marketing
  • bookkeeping
  • writing
  • editing
  • scheduling appointment
  • data entry
  • internet research
  • email correspondence
  • making phone calls

Finally, you have the flexibility when it comes to setting the amount of your rate. As self-employed VA, you have the advantage of huge earnings, as there are no middlemen that normally get the higher cut.

5. Be a performance marketer and earn

Performance marketer is one of the top ways to make money online ethically realistically.
If you're good and have some managerial skills, then being a Performance Marketeer can be a great way for you to earn while at home and online.

This particular online money making program is actually a business. A very simple yet lucrative business on the web which doesn't necessitate handing and owning a product.

How does it work? As an entrepreneur, you are at the look out for the unbelievably hot products on the web.

It's easy if you know the top categories of products loved by consumers.

Top categories of products loved by consumers

Among on the top of the list are:

  • weight loss
  • skin care
  • mobile apps
  • fitness
  • finance
  • insurance

Step by step tasks of a performance marketer:

  1. Once you've chosen your product, sign up to promote that product.
  2. Next, create a page which outlines why people should use that product.
  3. The main part of your business — advertise that page in Google using Google Adwords.
  4. Or you can promote that page in any advertising platform on the web like Facebook.

Sample business model of performance marketing

Let's say you receive $50 dollars from the merchant for the new customer. And It cost you $30 dollars in advertising your sales page. You've just made $20 dollars in profit. Now business-minded people would think not in amount but in numbers. Because if you keep doing that, your profit will double or tenth fold, depending on how you manage your Performance Marketing Business.

Business management of performance marketing

  • Management of your business doesn't involve inventories of products or maintaining a storage area from which products are sold for God knows when.
  • The bulk of the management needed is on the pages you create, which constitute advertising products that you believe.
  • The investment besides the cost of advertisements is in terms of your creative thinking on how you present a product and how you put together texts and ideas into an effective brief sales page through your copywriting skill.

Yeah! That's the keyword right there. Copywriting. If you think you have it, then go and start this business.

Start by expanding your knowledge in this field. Google it.

6. Sell stuff in social media

Selling online is one of the top ways on how to make money online realistically and ethically.
Selling different items online can be a fun and fulfilling way to make money online.

Some folks have a penchant for selling things. Much more, they are so effective in doing it. You can make money online by doing what you love — selling stuff.

The best way to sell stuff online that available to almost anyone is through social media.

It is more likely that you and ten people you know have social media accounts than a blogger account. Right?

It is a commonplace today. So. why don't you harness the power of your all social media accounts to the max?

Selling through social media requires a few extra tasks if only to drive traffic to whatever you're selling online.

  • First, take photos of your items.
  • Second, edit the photos to upload the most eye-catchy versions of the images to gain wide viewership.

You can do that in the Instagram mobile app, where you have pretty much control over things that will help you attain your goal.

In Pinterest, you can edit the description of an uploaded picture of your product to include price and relevant information. By utilizing Pinterest boards, you can align each of your items with the best selling categories.

Again, the battleground is in the quality of the photos of your items. Tantalize your followers and users with the most striking photos you can provide.

On Facebook, create a product page, which you can indirectly promote in your existing personal profile. Facebook prohibits using personal profiles solely for commercial gain.

In selling stuff through social media, it is safe to say that linking all your social media accounts will help you a lot as far as selling your item fast.

So, if your social networks are not connected and you're embarking on selling products, this is the right time to connect and tie them together.

7. Create mobile apps and make money

Creating mobile apps is one of the top and best ways to make money online
If you possess software development skills and knowledge, you can be a Mobile-apps Developer yourself and make money online at home.

Today, a bunch of entrepreneurs shows up every now and then in news bragging about their own start-ups — mobile apps. It seems that it becomes prevalent nowadays and more so in the coming years.

If you have the skill to become an app developer, then go for it.

First, you should possess the desire. Becoming a creator of a successful app, which helps millions of users around the world, or even in just your country, is cool.

Layer it with the decent income you receive monthly, and you've got yourself a self-running business that may help you catapult into a "mobile apps mogul" in the future.

Top successful app developers in the world don't rely on one mobile app. They manage multiple apps.

If you like this business idea of building an app but find it so technical and you want to skip that part, well, the good news is:

There are now available app-builders' sites that you can find on the internet.

With these app-builders, there is no need for coding or programming skills or stuff like that. Most are FREE as well.

Choose the one where you get more flexibility in building your app in terms of the design.

Ideal app-builder provides you with templates to choose from, and yet you have the freedom to modify any chosen template.

The advertisement platform is usually integrated with the app-builder by the provider. All you have to do is activate the monetization in the setting. You earn every time a user taps on an advertisement.

3-fundamentals in building a mobile app

Now before you jump in, make sure you have the three fundamentals from which your mobile app should be launched:

  1. problem addressed by your mobile app
  2. great numbers of searches for solutions to that problem
  3. comprehensive document of information details of the content of your app.

Register your apps

Once live, make sure to register the app for a fee in the following:

  1. Google Play
  2. Apple Store

That is to ensure that your app is downloadable from these giant app stores.

That's it for the basics of building and launching money-making apps. Note that it doesn't end there.

How to ensure the success of mobile apps?

  • The success of your first mobile app starts when it gets live.
  • Enhance and improve your app by introducing new features on your upcoming and subsequent updates, which must be dependent on the feedback from users.
  • Lastly, tracking downloads, user retention, and engagement is vital in the management and the improvement of your app.
  • You can easily achieve this, just register your app in reliable free analytics tools.

Final thoughts

There's quite a lot of ways to make money online. I hope these 7-ways on how to earn money online help those searching for their bread and butter in a way that they adhere to professionalism.

It could be a great way to redress the balance of those using the internet with good intentions and those who use it to commit fraud.

Do you have anything to add as a way to make money online? Are you making money online right now? Share it with our readers in the comments section below.

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