Financial Management: How to Avoid Paying Slow Broadband?


Financial management in paying broadband with poor or slow signal.

Management of finance in our household boils down to ensuring that we only spend money on items we consume. Once we are overcharged for a product or service, it is tantamount to losing money.

In this guide are money saving tips on how you're going to avoid paying broadband service with a slow connection signal. Yes, any undertaking you do to save money adds up to money management that you integrate into your household.

We need to be smart consumers to make sure that we get what we pay for, and, of course, to save money, which is the main reason why we've been managing our income and finances.

Because if a seller or a service provider doesn't deliver the commensurable service with the amount they bill us, we are the ones on the losing end — cheated and deceived.

Managing income and finances by avoiding paying slow broadband

If there is one utility service that requires us not to let our guards down, it is our subscription to a broadband internet connection.

If you would only find time to monitor your connection signal, you will realize that 50 percent of the time your signal is either super-slow or no signal at all.

Speedtest free online services to check broadband metrics including speed
Using any speed-test services online helps you determine the speed and other metrics of your broadband internet.

That accounts for 50 percent of your monthly subscription. Now in this article, I will share to you how I manage to reduce my bill payment in relation to the actual decent signal I get from my provider.

Before that, let's take a look at why we need to manage our broadband subscription with incredible consideration to our finance.

Two factors that financial management is needed in your broadband subscription

Managing your income and finance by avoiding to pay slow broadband service

1. Broadband in the Philippines

Broadband connection in the Philippines is not as fast as its counterparts in other Asian neighbor countries.

Internet broadband very slow signal speed icon
The slow signal icon is what we usually see on computers' and mobile devices' screens when the broadband is very slow, which us usually the case here in the Philippines.

In fact, last time I checked, Philippines ranks 21st in internet download speed in entire Asia, even tailing behind Vietnam (9th), Cambodia (11th), Laos (17th) and Pakistan (20th).

Worst, the Philippines' internet connection is among the most expensive in the world. On top of all that, we always experience intermittent connection and at times incessant low signal.

Since these are realities in internet connection in the country, how would you protect yourself from paying bills of non-broadband internet connection service?

2. The broadband standard

“In the context of Internet access, broadband is used to mean any high-speed Internet access that is always on and faster than dial-up access.”

Fast broadband connection at home is needed to save money

The definition speaks for itself — broadband internet must always on. Broadband internet must always faster than the traditional internet of yesteryear. Broadband is high-speed internet. Anything slow is non-broadband.

How I apply financial management to avoid paying slow broadband?

Last month my bill was cut by 61% due to intermittent and very slow signal that I've experienced from the previous month.

No signal no connection icon broadband internet
My broadband internet service always has no connection. All my devices display no signal icon.

My monthly fee is 999. But I only paid the adjusted amount of 390.26. Prior to that, on my bill for the month of February, I only paid 714.64 after adjustment of 284.36 or the equivalent of 28.4% is made.

Last year, my bills were adjusted five times. Just this January, I managed to reduce my total amount due to 468.22. I've been in the same broadband company for 9-years now, and I know when a connection has issues.

I don't want to pay for service that I don't receive, and I believe it is consumers' right to get their money's worth.

How to ask for billing adjustment?

Managing your finance by asking for billing adjustment for poor service

Here are simple things that I do to make sure that I pay commensurately. When I notice that my connection starts to slow, I record the time and do the following:

1. Get proofs of the slow broadband signal

Take screenshots of 2 to 3 websites that don't load all of their elements. You will easily notice it when the page has fully loaded, after a long wait of loading, but there is this sad face grey box which is the first proof of the very slow connection.

Slow connection is characterized by longer load time, which is noticeable in the browser by the slow spinning circle or round arrow.

Second, you will notice something is off during slow load. The entire screen where the page is supposed to display is all-white as the browser is attempting to connect to the site. You can also take the screenshot of the browser at this time.

Third, most common to me is when I open Gmail, and an email takes minutes before it opens. When a Gmail sent to you takes longer time to load, it's on your broadband for sure.

2. Email the provider with attachments

Send an email to your provider via their customer service email address. Attach all screenshots you've taken. Be assertive to them.

Tell them, “This is not the service that I subscribed to.” If you ask me, that's always the content of my email to them. I clearly state that I demand a billing adjustment for days that would be counting until my connection gets back to normal.

They should reply to you immediately. Whatever the content of their reply, record them as proof. Compile all replies from them in a separate folder.

The purpose here is to establish that they have received your attachments — proof of the very slow signal, proof on the non-broadband connection.

3. Call the customer service hotline

Call them and be connected to the billing right away. Your priorities in the call are in this order:

  • Get the name of the call center agent - this is to send the message that you mark him/her for any complaint if need be.
  • Record date and time and details of your conversation — this is to avoid repetition in the future.
  • Get the reference number for your adjustment — for them to know that you mean business.

You have to mention your emails, and all replies that you receive and, in turn they will cross-check and should give you assurance of billing adjustment. That's where reference number comes in, so keep it for follow up. Just remember that it will undergo 'processing' and might not be credited yet on your next billing. You will have to wait.

Eventually, your bill will be adjusted accordingly. You pay only the actual usage where you have a normal signal for a broadband service, which is fast.

The takeaway for the management of your income & finance

The takeaway here is while you do all that stuff, you reinforce the management skill you have learned so far on your finances. Because by doing it, you know you accomplish something that cut money that goes down the drain. And you feel good about it. And you think other expenses that go to waste. And you scale up your savings while your management of finances gets better and better.

Scale-up your savings by managing your finance

Final Thoughts

Asking for billing adjustment — when the need arises is not only for calling it quits. It is not only to get even. When we are at the breaking point of receiving the worst service for what we pay for, it is our natural inclination to ask for the refund.

It is more solid for us when we've already integrated financial management into the operation of our household. We have more reasons. We are more emboldened.

But the importance of demanding billing adjustment not only lies in the satisfaction of being billed right. Most of all, it is a silent call for improvement that would lead the way for the eventual betterment of the service.

Do you experience significant connection problems on your broadband? Do you just let it go or do you take some action? Share to us in the comments' below.

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