10 Best Business Ideas to Start With Small Capital in 2022


10 business ideas to start with small capital

How to put up a business with small capital? Nowadays, most employees want to augment their income.

Business with small capital always comes up when both minimum wage earners and average salaried workers would be asked for a plan to increase their earnings.

10 best business ideas to start with small capital

So today in this article are 10 best ideas for you to have as the business with small capital. Listed below are start-up businesses that you can put up with a meager investment.

10 easy-to-start businesses that only need small capital

1. All-around handyman service

This business is great for a family, a single or a duo that can be started from a scratch right at your own home.

The idea is to accomplish odd-jobs and errands for the people who don't have any employee and in need of a short term help.

Quick operational info about the all-around handyman business

  • You will not hire people to do jobs. You do it yourself.
  • Your business will be built on trust, and your customers will recommend you.
  • And your business shall grow until it's time to hire.

Businesses with small capital include all-around handyman.
As an all-around-handyman, you can start up a small business with a little capital as most units of the equipment are already present in your own home and you only need to buy few essentials.

How to kick-off your all-around handyman services business?

  1. Create a good slogan for your business and hang catch banners in front of your house.
  2. Every single person in your community must be the first to have knowledge of the existence of your business.
  3. Have a dedicated phone number and keep it open at all times for inquiries.
  4. This business is a great start-up fo a low-earner individual.

What can you offer as an all-around handyman?

  • professional errands
  • house errands
  • personal errands
  • grocery shopping
  • setting up appointments
  • mailing/shipping, etc.

2. Cosmetics sales networker

Although there are a bunch of networking companies out there, this particular industry of cosmetics has a track record of immediate realization of profit among women and some men as well.

The market is so huge, and your immediate clients are readily available around you — “your friends, relatives, and acquaintances.”

Incomes are tiered, and you also receive secondary earnings from your recruits.

Cosmetics networking is a business with small capital.
Cosmetic Sales Networking is a recommended small business for individuals who are passionate about having a good appearance.

What to consider in becoming a cosmetics networker?

  1. This kind of networking cannot be associated with pyramiding, which connotes scams.
  2. A business that you can be proud of that allows you to make an honest living while helping others to improve their personality.
  3. A big plus is if you choose the right brand of cosmetics and beauty products.
  4. If I were to recommend, I will pick the one being endorsed by celebrities as you wouldn't have a hard time in the promotion of the products.

Normally, people want to buy items endorsed by celebrities so hard selling is scratched right off the bat.

3. Food cart franchise

The great thing about this business — it is stationary. If you're not fond of meeting up people, socializing, going to different locations in your business, this is for you.

Open a food cart business. Franchise fee ranges from 40k to 60k.

An excellent food cart business idea

When we think about a food cart business, the thing that conjures up in minds is siomai. Why not? It's a popular food on the go. It sold like hotcakes in train stations and other places where people converge. And it is so cheap.

Food franchise business needs only small capital to operate.
The food car business is a lucrative business if you choose the right location and, if your home is on a street where the crowd passes by, you don't need to get far.

What to consider in the food cart business?

  • The great thing about the operation of this business is you don't need to promote the business.
  • Food is food. People eat, hungry or not, they're attracted to food like siomai or other comfort food, that you get to think of.

Three steps in putting up a food cart business

If you think about it, the food franchise business can be started in 3-easy steps:

  1. Look for a good location.
  2. Get a franchise.
  3. Operate.

But of course, behind-the-scenes operational prerequisites are there in any business endeavor. Responsibilities like strict compliance to usual franchise operational and legal procedures are pretty obvious.

If you're serious about putting up this kind of business, talk to the franchise owner first before getting the government permits. They'll provide you with the list of permits that you need to apply. This saves you time, money, and energy in the legwork of your applications.

4. Food to go & to deliver

If your residence is located by the street where motorists, public tricycles, and even pedestrians pass through, you can start this business from scratch. But you must also be a good cook. Well, that can be learned.

Start a food-to-go business right at your own home. There is no need to set up a dining area.

All food is either to go or to deliver, here you need a helper. And a dedicated contact number.

Food-to-go business is a business with small capital to start.
If cooking is your passion, you can start a small business in your own home. Get some people to order from your menu considered as short orders in restaurants and you get yourself a food-to-go business.

Keep it simple

Specialize yourself and get known for only 2 to 3 pick-me-up snacks like pancit canton, bihon and miki bihon.

By putting your own unique spin in each of your menus and you come up with very delectable stir-fried noodles with the right combination of vegetables and shrimps as well as other ingredients, your customer base will grow.

How to become successful in the food-to-go business?

  • Good management is definitely the key to success here.
  • Soon the vast majority of orders will come from phone calls.
  • So you must be prepared to deliver.
  • Quality control must be the top priority as taste should always be the same.

5. Laundry service

A laundry-service with the only 1-laundry machine. And no personnel but you. Where? At your own home. Your customers? Neighbors, borders next door, friends, etc.

Why is this a good business idea? Remember we're talking about business with small capital. This business fits right in.

And as you grow, you will increase the number of your laundry machine, and you will hire people to operate those machines. Isn't it the way successful entrepreneurs start? From a humble beginning.

Businesses with small capital include laundry service
You can put up small laundry-service in your home with very small capital. Get some people to order from your menu considered as short orders in restaurants and you get yourself a food-to-go business.

Things to consider in opening a laundry service

  • Most of the busy people find it even too hard to bring their laundry to a laundry-shop because it is too far for them.
  • You capitalize on that. Talk to your neighbors and let them know that you are now open for business.
  • You have all the aces to assure them of excellent service — you operate next door.
  • Your business is on its infancy so you're in the position where you must prove that you are up to it.
  • You've got your name, which you don't want to tarnish at this particular time.

This business is so promising. Risks are so low and the probability of it to really prosper is so high, and only dependent on only one factor. That's you.

Are you willing to work hard? If yes, then this business is for you.

6. Life insurance consultant

Prestigious and highly professionalized. That's my own simple definition of a life insurance agent/consultant.

But above all, being a life insurance consultant is a devotion in helping other people to secure the future of their families in the event the bread-winners die.

This business can be home-based. But since this is a highly professional job, you are required to attend monthly or weekly seminars, especially when you are new.

What to consider in entering the life insurance business as an agent?

Life insurance is a business which you can start with small capital.
Being a life insurance agent is a highly professional business, you need to pass an exam, and get a license, before you can start your business, which is a very rewarding one.

  1. There are a series of training and clinics after which you must pass the exam to get your license from the Insurance Commission, the government agency which regulates life insurance companies.
  2. Income wise, life insurance business can be lucrative in the long term. You will not make much on the early stage, but properly doing the job in just 1-year, the pay-off is pretty decent.
  3. Most life insurance policyholders pay premiums in staggered payments while others prefer a one-time payment. You get your earnings from both.
  4. In a nutshell, you get earnings from policyholders monthly, quarterly, and yearly payments. The more you add to your clients, the more you accumulate your monthly checks.

There are life insurance agents whose earnings are doubled those of corporate managers.

Recognitions and huge incentives await you as a life insurance agent

It's so exiting business, as well. Prestigious awards night are held, free travels abroad are always up for grabs, car plans, etc. Of course, those are for agents who would qualify.

7. Online content writing

If you have skill in writing and have the knack for expatiating ideas, you will have no problem in becoming an online content writer.

It pays well and immediate. You can make from 50 to 100 US dollars per article. This is a 100% online business. You work and get paid online. So there will be no personal interactions required.

Online content writing is one of the businesses that only need small capital to start.
You can start an online content writing business if you possess a creative mind where you have a knack on expatiating small ideas into compelling website posts.

My opinion about content writing

Definitely a good business, if you are the type of person that value time to the max, and wants to be alone in your business and after a while rewards yourself with travels and all that. This business is really amazing.

What it takes to be a great content-writer?

  • There is no educational attainment qualification to be an online content writer.
  • If you write in English well, with acceptable grammar knowledge and a creative mind, you can call yourself an online content writer and make a living out of it.

One golden rule in content writing

There is only one major sin that you don't want to commit in your writing:

Don't plagiarize other people's content. Or you will be banned, and soon no companies will get your works.

Bottom line: Write 100% original content.

How to start as a content writer?

  1. First, create great articles that will serve as your sample works.
  2. Second, google for websites that pay the online content writers.

That's how to start. Easy, right?

8. Affiliate marketing

This is another 100% online business. Affiliate marketing is just a branch of the much broader domain called internet marketing, which among others include digital marketing and social media marketing.

Unlike social media marketing, which necessitates big capital for the inventory of the products that you would sell online through social media, affiliate marketing doesn't involve capital for your operation, manpower, and courier service.

Affiliate marketing is a business that only needs very small capital to start.
Even thought the affiliate marketing doesn't need a capital like other small businesses, you need to have the patience and willingness to work hard in your promotional campaigns.

Investment needed for affiliate marketing

Your investment here is your:

  1. patience
  2. tenacity
  3. hard work

How does affiliate marketing work?

  • First, create an affiliate website.
  • Second, ensure that your website gets visited by a lot of visitors.
  • And that where hard work comes in.

The key to kick off your affiliate marketing business to the right start

The key here is to create a lot of interesting articles that people get to read and share. Your niche must be in tune with affiliate marketing.

Examples of great topics for articles for an affiliate website are:

  • home living
  • how-tos
  • product reviews

When do you start making money in affiliate marketing?

Once your site reached the top of Google and receives a decent number of visitors, that's the time you start making earnings from different online retail websites. One of them is Amazon.

You can start earning from Amazon by becoming an affiliate through their sign up page, get tags or codes for your website, add the tags onto your template. For every item a visitor of your website bought, you get a commission.

9. TNVS accredited rider

Today, commuting to work or anywhere around the metropolis is becoming more and more troublesome because of the perennial traffic that won't go away, maybe even in 48 years.

There are lots of plans, but they are just as an old expression says “drawing.” So, the commuters have to make do with what is available to get to their destination. And, the most viable for them is to take a motorbike ride.

A TNVS accredited motorbike rider can be a part of a solution for commuters to commute fast while at the same time make a living out of it.

How do you of help to commuters while making a living?

Get a motorbike and register yourself to any of the Transportation Network Companies by applying for TNVS or Transport Network Vehicle Services in LTFRB or Land Transportation Franchising & Regulatory Board.

Businesses with small capital include motorbike rider for hire for fast commute of office personnels and other workers.
You need to undergo training to be a TNVS rider, but once you're on the road, this is a good business with income commensurate to how you manage your time.

Important things to remember before getting into TNVS business

  • It's important that you're in the know of the maximum cc capacity of combustion cylinder that the TNC required at the outset.
  • So, before you buy ask them their minimum limit. Otherwise, you might end up getting a bike that is not accepted by any TNC.
  • Now if you already owned a motorbike, it doesn't break your pocket once your bike is not in the range.
  • Another advantage of talking to TMC first is that they also offer assistance to TNVS applicants.
  • They provide the list of requirements and supporting documents that you'll need to submit to LRFRB to comply.

To put it in a nutshell, make contact with your chosen TNC, ask for their motorbike requirements, ask them for assistance in your TNVS applications, submit your applications to LTFRB and wait for your Certificate for Public Convenience or CPC.

Once it's all done, you're open for business. Good luck.

10. Virtual assistant

In simple terms, Virtual Assistant or VA renders professional support services from a remote location. And nowadays, it is becoming more popularly home-based business.

VAs have the skills and experiences that they got from the non-virtual corporate office environment. But if you have no experience or have a different background, you can start from scratch.

Actually, the odds are on your side if you are an inexperienced VA.

Who are prospective clients of a virtual assistant?

As small business owners, busy professionals, and the like, are the ones who outsource tasks to VAs, they don't hire an employee to cost-cut.

So they get VAs because it is the most cost-effective way of delegating tasks and getting things done.

It just follows that these prospective clients will get the service of the most economical VA that they can get.

Virtual assistant is a home base business that can be started with small capital.
Being a virtual assistant is the combination of a professional job in a home setting and a business, which depends on your outputs to the demands of your clients.

Things to ponder in becoming a virtual assistant if you have no previous experience

  • Since you have no experience as a VA, you can lower your price. But still, you can be of great help to your clients.
  • For example, you can start as a social media assistant, which assists in the management of the social media status and presence of your client.
  • Most of them have no time posting and replying to the messages.
  • There are no limits in things that you can do in assisting businesses with their social media department.
  • Use their social media to create the awareness needed to propel the growth of their company.
  • You can develop your skills and become an authority in this niche.

What to do to start as a virtual assistant?

List down all tasks that you can do and offer them to businesses and professionals who are looking for VAs. How do you find them? That's a minor problem. Google always has the answer.

Lastly, these are, at the very least, the things needed for a VA to perform: laptop, phone, and good internet speed.

What's your plan?

Do you want to put up a small business? If you were to choose from the list above, which one is your choice to start as your business with small capital? Share your thought on the comment box below.

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