Top-6 Must-haves Home Tools to Save Money


Must-haves home to improve financial management at home

Another great idea to improve our financial management at home is to make sure we have the right pieces of equipment in our house.

What you will know in this article?

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  • saving-money importance of home tools

In our effort on how to save money and improvement of our financial management at home, we must be prepared in any eventualities in our own household. Scores of unexpected breakdowns will happen that would incur unwanted expenses. When one does happen, it will put a dent on our endeavor of saving money.

Must-haves at home to help you in saving money

Home-living is the ultimate lair for our mind and heart after spending our day in tasks for finance area of living.

Whether from a workplace or our own business address, we always come home, no matter what.

But our homes are not always in their best shape. Like our body, a home also gets ill.

House illnesses are usually caused by - broken parts or jammed connections, etc.

A major breakdown in your home would render a part of it unusable. As such — it must be fixed immediately. Without costing you a lot of money.

For example, a sink that suddenly gets clogged is an ordinary occurrence at home. This happens if the drain-hole and strainer are of the old model. It also caused by broken drain hole that a provided strainer doesn't hold all the time and small granules of food wastes still pass through down the trap.

What might come next once a sink gets clogged?

  • For an ordinary occupant without knowledge on the simplicity of fix needed for the job, the only solution is to hire a labor plumber.
  • A good decision since the longer sink stays in that condition mobility in the kitchen hampers as well and it might cause more expenses when everyone decides to eat outside.
  • And so the labor expense incurred. Sink unclogged. Kitchen usage back to normal. But the amount paid is still should have been kept for saving money.

Now that's the reason why you should know what are the home tools that must be present in the tool compartment of your house.

Must-have home tools to save money

For a frugal breadwinner, you don't have to provide complete home tools. Below listed the most important tools that your home must have:

  1. vise-grip
  2. wrenches
  3. ladder
  4. hammer
  5. screwdriver
  6. drill

You can consider these tools as partners in your financial management at your own house.

Having them around saves you a lot of money as you don't need to call someone to fix a broken area in your home. You fix them yourself and believe me it's easy and fun.

Saving-money importance of home tools

1. Vise-grip

Vise-grip helps you save money at home

This is the one I use now whenever my sink gets clogged. It's so easy — compact and easy to use.

  1. First, you need to turn the adjustment knob counter-clockwise to let its mouth gape large enough to hold the cap on the underside of your sink's P-trap known as cleanout plug.
  2. Turn the pliers clockwise to open the cleanout plug's cap after which clogged water will flow out of the trap.
  3. Grope the inside to rid all dirt that clung inside and let clean water from faucet flow down the trap and onto that clean-out's hole.
  4. Then close the hole with its cap using the vise-grip again counter-clockwise.

In this situation, with the vise-grip ready, money that would plow into plumber will go to your savings.

2. Wrench

Wrenches many uses help you in your home financial management.

The wrenches are sold in sets. You get the complete sizes from smallest to the biggest.

Now, previously I used a wrench in unclogging my sink. But when I found out that it's faster to use the vise-grip I switched.

But since different makes of sinks have different types of traps and clean-out plugs, you could use an extra tool to make sure yours will be fixed quickly when it gets clogged.

And if the cap of your clean-out plug hole is hexagonal, the wrench will be the right fit to open it.

There are other fixes to which the wrenches will be helpful. In having them fixed through DIY, you will save money no doubt.

3. Ladder

Ladder at home helps you save time and money

With good quality of sturdy aluminum ladder, you can do everything overhead.

The “magic” there is that once your ladder is always at your sight:

  • you get to think of home improvement ideas
  • like instead of asking for an interior concept
  • you will arrive on a design of your own
  • using used items that would have gone to trash

Believe me, when you have already started a simple add-on, wonderful ideas will pop right up in your mind.

And at no time you will realize that you have spiced up your home without plowing money into expensive decors.

That's on top of:

  1. changing burn-out bulbs quickly
  2. being able to clean ceiling

With ladder at your home, surely saving money comes naturally.

4. Hammer

Hammer helps save money on DIY fixes at home.

This is the most borrowed tool at a Filipino home. It's either neighbor will borrow it, or they are the one lending to a borrowing next door family.

Without your own hammer, you limit yourself in achieving a lot of works inside your home.

Sometimes, a simple task of installing a window screen held by stud framed wood is delegated to a carpenter.

Having a hammer will definitely encourage you to do the work, thereby keeping your money in your savings.

5. Screwdriver

With screwdrivers you can save money by DIY fixes at your home.

A screwdriver is a small tool a homebody can't live without. Most of the appliances need to be opened up for cleaning. You can't do that without a screwdriver.

And without a Philip screwdriver, forget having one. You need both types.

With Phillips screwdriver, you can do DIY fixes at your home and save the money you would have to pay for labor. Below are some examples.

  1. Basic home security can be leveled-up without hiring a professional. You can do changing your door lock with double lock system all by yourself with the help of a screwdriver.
  2. Instead of nails, screws are better in mounting the storage bins and holders to the wooden wall as screws don't damage the surface compare to hammering. So screwdriver is a plus one in that area.
  3. Check hinges of your cabinets. Rusty hinges have a lot of negative effects. Go buy new ones and replace them easily with your screwdrivers.

But the one home improvement you can do with screwdrivers in tandem with our next tool is the best yet. Definitely, save you money in carpentry.

6. Drill

Electric drill definitely helps in financial management at home since you save colossal amount of money in home fixes by DIY.

I save the best for last. A good brand of power drill will save you a lot of money in mounting cabinets and wood shelves on walls. You just need to buy shelf brackets.

  1. Hold one bracket onto the wall and mark all of its holes.
  2. Hold the second bracket opposite the first one and do the same.
  3. Drill all areas with marks and attach the 2-brackets with their screws through the appropriate screwdriver.
  4. Once two brackets are properly screwed on the wall, place a 1-meter wide cabinet on top of them.
  5. Screw horizontal side of the brackets onto the underneath of the cabinet which was already marked beforehand.

Tip: You need to use a level in making sure the 2-brackets aligned straight and balanced.

Reminder: Use the right brackets' size for the weight of your cabinet when already filled with different stuff.

You can mount a lengthy shelving overhead of your wall near the ceiling where you can place medium to large sized storage boxes. Use a 6'x1' thick plywood panel, 2-shelf brackets, large, and to reinforce the hold use a thick wire attached at the middle bottom of the panel through a nail and its other end is nailed above on the wall pulling the panel up.

With the use of drill and screwdriver, you can save a lot of money as shelving and mounting large cabinets to walls are humongous tasks.

Save big money in major improvements using a drill

You can do countless major improvements using a drill — in a flash.

  • You can easily mount your television to your wall through brackets and screws. Do it yourself with help from kin and keep your money for saving.
  • Just drill a hole fit for small screw and attach a hook and peg in any part of your home — toilet, kitchen, living room, etc. Fit as many hooks as you want — for kitchen utensils, bags & trousers, clothes' hangers, etc.
  • You need to install a thin rod for drying clothes or shower curtain between two concretes. You can do it easily with a drill in seconds.
  • Spice up your walls with elegant curtains. Use a rod large enough for your chosen curtain. Just use your drill in screwing the rod that will hold the curtain. And in less than 30 minutes, you'd have done it.

Note: Remember that you have a ladder that you can use in using your drill in the upper area of your walls.

The drill is a power-tool. You can achieve a lot of major improvements in your home with it. Once you get the hang of it, masterly using it would save you big amount of money for the labor cost.

Warning: Don't operate a drill without learning how to use it from a professional or a trained instructor from the store where you buy it. Using a drill without the skill is extremely dangerous. Know the DOs & DON'Ts.


Buying home tools is an excellent investment. In the long term, you save money considerably in the maintenance of your most intimate place.

The quickness of fixing a home issue, the avoidance of postponing an important activity and the elimination of stress brought by waiting for fix done, all translate to big savings over time.

Therefore, the right home tools are great ingredients for the improvement of financial management that you employ at your household.

Do you have a tool or two in your home? What do you do if something breaks down in your house?

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