Top 5 What to Do on the Internet to Save Money


What to do on the internet?

Various articles on ways to save money have been written both in print media and online. Some work while others don't.

What majority of us don't know is — there's more to saving money than meets the eye, like possessing inherent positive attitudes, ingrained valuable habits, and the ability to see beyond obstacles.

What to do on the internet to save money?

One example is our relationship with the internet and what most of us do while on it. Are we victims of social media addiction?

For people who have their mind focused on upward mobility and progress and who pay so much attention to staying productive at all times, internet has bunch of boons which sad to say are not fully utilized by many as they're stuck in social media which for large percentage of users are silent enemy as these social networking online behemoths waste huge amounts of one of our invaluable resources — time.

Google Search is one source of great things to do on the internet.
A computer displaying Google Search invites everyone to explore the deep abyss of the web where a lot of great things are waiting — for you to discover.

What enumerated below are small & simple things that one can do on the internet and not major tasks like embarking on selling online or being a virtual assistant which both fall under making money online and work from home job, respectively.

Here, we're talking about things you must be doing instead of spending way too much time on social media, if you want to become more productive, that is.

So, without further ado, here are my top productive things to do on the internet that have conversion rate for a progress-conscious person for the simple reason that they have significant effects on saving money.

What to do on the internet to be productive and save money?

1. Improve English pronunciation

For non-native English speakers like us, nothing beats being confident in talking in English. There's a hidden advantage accurate English pronunciation does.

It helps you to quickly construct advance English sentences as you conceive them and vocally express them at the same time.

In other words, you'll be more fluent fast if your English words pronunciations are 98% correct.

Learning languages on internet
There are lots of ways to access free lessons in English pronunciation on the internet. It's more productive because first, you save money on tutors, second, it helps you on career advancement.

In YouTube, type a hard to pronounce “word” plus “pronunciation” and start the habit daily. Alternately, open a dictionary app and search for words and tap the bell icon to listen to each word pronunciation.

Huge takeaway

Individuals who are articulate & fluent both in oral and written English earn big online, as they don't hurdle language barriers, they just either produce contents and monetize or accept any part-time online virtual jobs.

2. Broaden your knowledge

A person with the knowledge of lots of things has the edge over a person with less knowledge.

They get more respect and trust whatever landscape they find themselves in. They provide solutions both passively and actively and, that makes them dynamically attractive.

It's easy for them to immerse in any social-political landscape as getting in and out of any level of interaction is effortless for them. And so, they go up in whatever ladder through which they aim their goal.

You can broaden your knowledge through internet.
The internet has a lot of ways to broaden one's knowledge, and it's the most productive thing to do online.

Popular free online encyclopedias, such as Wikipedia among others, are primary sources of extensive knowledge.

Huge Takeaway

A knowledgeable and well-rounded person will not run out of ideas and facts for blog articles which, properly search-engine-optimized, yields decent earnings.

3. Post questions and answers

By posting questions and replying to others', you boost your self-confidence, practice your online communication skill, and reinforce your web presence.

Posting on Q&A websites is productive.
Answering and asking questions on Q&A sites improve your general knowledge.

This is something you do, which is all-out-sensible as it adds to your conversion rate in the future, especially if your main focus is related to your interest, passion, and technical know-how.

Soon, your collection of knowledge will become so vast while your reputation is gaining footholds on the internet and, being an effective influencer is just a few steps away.

Your options will multiply, and selling yourself short is always out of the question. If you haven't started it yet, begin by googling “question and answer websites.”

Huge Takeaway

Followers from Q&A websites have a high conversion rate for any online related nich. They can be turned into blog readers, which in turn take actions on ads, email campaigns, etc.

4. Be creative photo editor

Pique your creative side and start using photo editing software.

On your pc, install a photo editing software, free only, and must have support for layers, especial-effects and wide range of powerful tools.

Choose a photo of yourself with you on either side of the picture with an amazing background. Explore the user interface of your editor.

Add a layer, in it, is your text or catch phrase. Use special-effects, make adjustments in font color, size, and location on the photo. The aim is for the texts to blend naturally.

It's imperative that you also downloaded a nice collection of free fonts for amazing results. Once you get the perfect poster, practice your creativity.

Photo editing online is a productive thing to do.
Photo editing online is very productive as it enhances your creative side, not to mention, the opportunity to make some extra bucks.

Try different photos. Use one layer and design per line. Create your own posters' gallery. The conversion rate on this takes time, so don't expect a great result immediately.

Submit your posters to photo selling sites. Put a “Hire me” link on your own site. A passive income might not be far away.

Huge Takeaway

Making your artistically created crafts work for you and receiving job orders from time to time is like you put up an art gallery but without spending a huge amount of money in lease or rental.

5. Explore places in Google Earth

Using Google Earth on Phone is productive.
Exploring places around the world on Google Earth is productive as it opens a lot of opportunities to know far destinations and pique your interest to travel cheap.

When I traveled to Hanoi, Vietnam, first time, alone and on a tight budget, the stop where I got off the bus from the airport was a bit chaotic and jam-packed.

But I managed to reach my hotel easily, walking and taking maze of streets as if it's my second trip in that area.

Getting to Hoan Kiem Lake though far is a breeze as I just walk along a street that ends there. I never experienced neither anxiety nor stress. Thanks to Google Earth, which helped me a lot on that journey.

From that time on, I always open Google Earth and explore different places, and I enjoy vicariously every single time. It's a riveting experience seeing street views in 3D, zooming in & out, virtually walking to different directions along the streets, seeing the world's landmarks in various perspectives.

You'll really learn a lot in terms of familiarization, and it'll pique your interest in foreign travels. Conversion rate is in terms of next constructive things you'll do and unproductive things you'll shun doing after your first "quality" experience in Google Earth.

Huge Takeaway

Initially visiting foreign cities virtually in Google Earth saves you money exponentially as once you arrive there on your actual travel, you get to cut your expenses extremely by knowing short-cut walk to different attractions, street food areas, penny-pincher inns, etc.


Productive things we do online contribute to our goals to save money as they produce beneficial results in the future. The time spent on each mentioned above increases your conversion rate in the long run as they develop disciplines and positive habits.

Whatever your background and day job, if you apply them on a regular basis, you can assure yourself that they'll produce fruitful results. Inevitably.

Furthermore, whenever you think of what to do on the internet, it would be helpful to your general financial planning if you associate it in ways to save money.

Can you say that social media controls you? Or you have the total control of what you do on the internet? Let's learn from each other on the comments' section below.

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