How to Save Money on Cheap Eats?


Simple financial management by easy hacks on cheap eats

You can save money on cheap eats that you do out of your home. Most people spend more even on cheap eats. In this post are guides on how you can save money in that area.

There are quite a lot of ideas on how to save money and financial management. In clothes, lifestyles, commutes, gadgets, etc., people always find ways to save money.

But the one that kind of double-edge-sword is the "cheap eats" way to save.

It happens when, it's a lunch break at work for instance, you're in an eatery of some sort, and you order the cheapest dish on the menu.

As much as you're happy about eating within your allowable budget for a meal, you feel that you're depriving yourself of a well-deserved meal.

So, how do you go about eating a cheap but delicious and satisfying meal when not home?

Cheap eats hacks to save money for healthy and satisfying meals

1. Find the right food stall

Cheap eats food stall save money
A good food-stall offers a variety of both delicious and nutritious food.

As a rule of thumb, small entrepreneurs are also into a healthy competition. Find a food stall around your work or office which really adheres to the high standard of quality food.

You will have to try as many stalls as possible to find the one that serves delicious but very affordable dishes. Go to a stall each lunch time.

Make it your regular lunch destination. Moreover, a good food stall provides free drinking water. You must not buy soda drinks as they don't have health benefits and so only expense.

2. Bring a side dish

Save money in cheap eats by bringing a vegetable side dish
A side-dish you bring from home should be vegetable as most dishes in food-stall are meat-based.

It's always satisfying when we have two dishes on our lunch.

Since you're on a budget, it makes sense that you only get one dish in your chosen eatery or food stall near where you work.

Most commonly sold dishes in the street food stalls are meat based. So, a good tasting chop-suey or any sauteed veggies from home would be a great partner for that dish.

3. Get yourself a lunch buddy

Eating in cheap eats places with lunch buddy helps save money
Having a lunch-buddy helps you save money and enjoy the meal in a very healthy way.

If you can find an office mate, who is also into saving money, invite him or her to be your lunch buddy. It always cool to have a like-minded person as your company.

Ask if they are open to the idea of sharing dishes on your daily lunch. Each of you gets to eat with two dishes at lunch by bringing your own respective packed lunch with one "two-servings-dish."

With this arrangement, you don't have to eat at food stalls. And it's fun because you always look forward to the other dish you get to eat, with rice, on your next lunch break.

4. Pick a healthy & yummy dish

Healthy meat dish must contained vegetables
When eating in a food stall, choose a dish with some veggies on them.

You can eat adobo at home because you can cook it. But since prices and servings of dishes in food stalls vary, then pick the one that is healthier because they combine meat, vegetables, and other healthy crops.

Now in doing this, you accomplish simple financial management. You manage your little finance to get a long way by means of your body's health performance to work and become more financially productive.

Number one in the list is pork sinigang followed by beef nilaga. Then some food stalls also cater kare-kare, without the doubt a healthier Filipino dish.

You can also have menudo as it has potatoes or caldereta for the carrots they put in there. Chop-suey is also an excellent choice for a “one-dish-meal.”

5. Bring your own packed lunch

One of the best ways to save money and eat cheap outside work is to bring your own packed lunch
Bringing your own lunch is the ultimate way to save money as you are certain about the nutrient content of your meal and, you only spend a fraction of its cost in food stalls.

It is the cheapest, most practical and the healthiest in all “cheap eats” methods that you can think of. You get to spend only a fraction of even the lowest priced lunch in any street food stall of any CBD in the metropolis.

If you're raising a family and you are really emboldened to save money for their future, then bring your own lunch, which is cooked with the complete healthy ingredients that are bought in the fresh produce section of your favorite public or “super” market.

It is really a way to go on “cheap eats” outside home or during lunch break at work.

Final Thoughts

Cheap Eats — is done so that one's salary is enough to make ends meet. But it doesn't necessarily mean that you deprive yourself of a quality meal, especially if you are the breadwinner. Each meal is for the nourishment of your body so that you continue providing for your loved ones and yourself.

Even in cheap eats, one has to think big in terms of financial management that they accomplish by right hack on eating cheap.

Have you been doing - cheap eats? How do you define cheap eats? Can you suggest a way to have a cheap eat to those who want to save money? Just scroll down a bit to comments' box below.

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