How to Avoid Scams and Just Save Money?


how to avoid scams?

If you're serious in all your efforts to save money, then you must protect yourself from all kinds of make-money scams. Scams are rampant today. It seems that nobody learns from watching nightly news that featured these money hoaxes.

How to save money by avoiding scams

Be it inheritance, personal property, business income, and most of all hard-earned money from years of hard work.

There is only one commonality in all the victims of large-scale money-making scams - huge amounts of money, gone with the wind.

How could we protect ourselves from being the next victims of a scammer and lose our hard-earned money? You know they come in different forms - friends, relatives, officemates, friends of friends, business associates, etc.

How do we remain focus on tasks that contribute more to save money?

How to avoid scams by identifying the source?
Most of the victims of online money scams are known by people who victimized them.

In fairness to these people known to us, they are also victims, and they are oblivious about it that they proudly invite who else but people within they reach to join them.

I will not enumerate here a number of ways you must remember to ensure that you will not become a victim of money scams.


As for what I long observed, it all comes down to one thing. But I let you see it as you peruse this article. This article is short but will make you ponder.

How to avoid scams and focus on ways to save money?

Saving money by avoiding make-money scams
Most make-money-online scams are too good to be true.

Averting scam & avoiding losing hard-earned money

A target victim

Avoid being a target victim of money scam and just save money that you have.
Online money-scams victim's profile is marked by having existing money saved already.

Let's assume that I have 200,000 pesos that I have saved in say 10-years, as an example. Ten long years I worked hard to save that money. And so you could feel I am too prudent and not just going to enter a business deal that might be in the losing end.

An interesting offer

Let's add to the equation this guy, introduced by a close friend who presented me a business scheme that according to him will "double my 200,000 in just three months."

That means I get to have 200,000 pesos in three months. My 200k becomes 400k in three months. Compare that to 10-years of working my butt off for long hours. Very tempting, huh. All I have to do is to invest my 200,000.

Two opposing characters

Victims of make-money scams usually look at get-rich quick schemes.
Victims of online make-money scams are easily dazzled by the promised incredibly unbelievable return of investments.

There are two characters that will outdo one another inside of me to prevail in this kind of situation.

The first character sees the fast realization of 200,000 bucks. He is “open-minded.” So open-minded that he momentarily imagines what he could do with extra 200,000 pesos he gets to hold in 3-months.

Make money scams always look for fast money like it will pour or rain money on them.
Make-money scams presentation is akin to pouring money onto you.

Even though he worked hard for 10-years to get what he has now, suddenly, it becomes insignificant. He doesn't feel anymore that 10-years ago it was his dream to save 200k.

Neither does he feel that yes he has realized that almost impossible dream. Suddenly, he becomes unsatisfied with what he's got. And so his ears are open wide to all what the schemer has to say.

If this first character prevails inside me, I will close my bank account and invest my 200,000 that I worked hard for, to the scheme being foisted in front of me. Very positive that in 3-months I get 400,000 total.

Meanwhile, the second character that competes with the first one inside of me is so grateful in everything. He gives so much appreciation to every single day that he worked hard to be able to save 200,000 bucks.

People who work hard using saved money to start small business don't fall victim to make-money scams
When you don't see the value of starting off small in a business, you are an easy target of make-money scams.

He's so appreciative that he was able to sacrifice essentially to attain his dream. Above all, he's so thankful to God that He had helped him every step of the way.

He won't throw the 10-years of sacrifices to save money. He always thinks about that. And so, he is not easily persuaded to make a financial decision that involves shelling out a wad of cash for a promised windfall.

If this character prevails, I will beg off to the offer of the schemer. Instead, I will make a plan to properly manage my money, and I will think about using it as small capital, legally put up a very small business and work from the ground up. So that my money grows, legitimately, and morally.

The real culprit

To avoid money scam is to know the real culprit within us.
Identifying who is the real enemy is the key to fighting the battle of temptation.

Earlier I said it all comes down to one thing. That thing is not seen. It is felt. It has many ways that manifest in a person whom a schemer successfully scammed.

The first character inside of me in our example felt it. That feeling is present when one suddenly beams at the prospect of amassing a big amount of money quickly without much effort.

It is present when one's mind momentarily pictures sudden lavish abundance that will bring by a certain big amount of quick buck coming in.

And it is present when one never sees and refuses to see the propriety and legal aspects of what he or she is getting into because they are blinded by the glares of instant hundreds of thousand of currency.

Above all, it is present when one only sees the instant entry of a huge amount of money into their bank account and not what beneath the surface of the scheme being offered to them to which they are 100% sold. That is the only one that matters, nothing else.

Warnings not heard

Listen or watch for warning sign of make-money scams
Most victims of make-money scams don't hear or see the warning signs.

It is inconsequential to enumerate classic reminders such as “if it's too good to be true, it's usually not true” “avoid get-rich-quick promos on the internet” “check SEC registration of the particulars first” etc. Once a person is taken over by that urging feeling, they won't do that.

In fact, they feel the doubt, but they still go ahead because the prevailing thought is focused on quick gain.

They would be in denial about that, but those who fell to those scams and already lost thousands and hundreds of thousands have felt that same urging feeling which is ultimately the major recipe for scammers to steal their money.

The fate

With the first character, I am headed to the situation where I will be way in over my head and end in quite a pickle of my own making. My world will crumble, and I will definitely find myself in deep financial trouble.

While in the second character, I easily decline any offer of quick and easy money because I keep my feet on the ground and the foundations of my existence are not purely material. I know that if I frequently appreciate blessings, promises of instant gains are blocked in my vision, so I don't see them. I just don't see them.

Let's ponder

Pondering about saving money
It helps to step back and contemplate before making any decision.

I hope you see the point I am trying to convey. How do you avoid being scammed and lose money? It is very simple, my friend. Pause for a while and muse about what I have written. Then please do share to me and other readers your answer to that glaring question, through the comments box below.

Near and dear to my heart

This article for me is a special one. I dedicate this to all those who see the beauty of life beyond any material possession and to those who patiently work hard on their crafts so that they can successfully reach their goals. And when they finally realize their dreams, take time to cherish and be grateful. Yes, I dedicate this post to those who value patience and hard work.


It always feels good that you have earned what you've got. And more so when you can sleep at night knowing that there are no other people suffers out of what you have attained.

One better way to get to the path of financial success is, first, save money. Second, use that money in a noble livelihood where it grows steadily until you reach your goals.

Sometimes, a way on how to avoid scams lies in our personal intention and how we balance the purpose of having money and being happy on attaining it.

Do you believe in get-rich-quick? What is the formula for you to get your financial dream? Share with us below.

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