2022 Best Home Business Ideas for Different Types of People


Home business ideas

Home business, however small or big, should be a source of income for the family. Whether it is founded as another source or the main source of income is inconsequential. A business is a business.

Family, on the other hand, is a small unit compares to a corporate institution. As such, a home business should fit first and foremost to the type of family and the head of that family who will manage the business.

List of Home Business Ideas

This is essentially important as no one succeeds in any endeavor without the passion that propels success.

Top 5 home business ideas for different types of person

1. Water refilling station

Home business idea - water refilling station business
The water refilling station business is becoming lucrative as the community population is always in an upward direction.

The clean purified water that has gone through a stringent water purification process is definitely a remunerative business.

For starters, there is no single individual in your neighborhood that doesn't drink water.

We all want clean drinking water. It is in demand 24/7.

You don't need to promote a water refilling station as people do buy pure drinking water.

This business is among the first one that comes to mind when you think of a home business.

Apparels are marketed in the market or malls. Internet cafe will not yield any profit at home as most of your neighbors are broadband subscribers.

But they needn't go farther down the road to buy a gallon of water, neither do they wait longer for their water delivery to arrive.

So, as their friendly neighbor refill station, it's either they drop at your store for a gallon of purified/mineral water, or they call you to deliver them their drinking water.

Most acceptable operation of a water refilling station is from as early as 7 am and as late as 9 pm.

Water refilling station is for the strict and fastidious entrepreneur who employs top level quality standard on any business endeavor.

2. Silkscreen printing

Home business idea - silkscreen printing
Silkscreen printing business is a bit seasonal but commands high profit if you get clients with high bulk of orders.

This business is designed to operate at home. You only need a small area for the silkscreen printing operation, yet you can earn big — by the hour.

To begin with, we all love t-shirts, and the market for small jobs is great.

Aside from t-shirts, there's a wide variety of items you can print on. These include — uniforms, caps, aprons, jackets, towels, umbrellas, stickers, posters, signs, name tags, key chains, ties, notebooks, binders, bandanas, etc..

What about your market? As earlier said, you get to have small job orders.

As an entrepreneur, you ought to reach for the mainstream, and you don't need to go far.

In your community alone, you get sports teams, clubs, schools, and businesses that need your service.

In businesses alone, you have restaurants, hotels, car dealers, retailers, etc as your clients.

Clubs such as rotary, lions, country, etc. are excellent regular customers.

Basketball teams and other sports organizations need silkscreen printing services. The list is endless.

Silkscreen business fits the personality of an extrovert individual who is fond of talking to different classes of people.

3. Salon business

Home business idea - barber shop and beauty salon
The barbershop business is an all year round trade with a high-peak season, making barbershop among the best home business ideas.

A home extension, which can be a lucrative business, is a salon, either a barber-shop or a beauty-parlor.

Better yet, the two combined — salon where on one side is barber-shop and on the other side is beauty-parlor. The size of the available area that you have is where all will depend.

There are barber-shops with only two barber chairs. And if your area is really small, you can start a barber-shop with only one chair and expand later.

As for the beauty-salon, you get the entire spectrum of customers in personal grooming living right next doors and beyond.

This is a good business, and it boils down to the quality of service you render that will determine how you stand in your competitions.

Factors to consider — personal grooming is habitual. Repeat clients are the assets of your business.

A beauty client that entered your salon for a hairdo must not end there.

It's up to the level of their satisfaction if they opt for your nail, make-up, and spa services.

It's really the quality of service that will make or break your salon business.

Salon business is for homebody type business people, who pay attention to details and finds passion in their personal grooming, which they enjoy doing to others.

4. Junk shop

Home business idea - junk shop
Junk shop business doesn't attract many people, but a few lucky ones made it and became rich after years of operation.

This business has a huge potential for large earnings. In fact, there's a bunch of people who made it from rags-to-riches in junks and scrap materials.

But you've got to have the number one recipe for success in this humble business — hard work.

As a home business, a minimum area needed for this operation is about 25 sq meters, which fits a buying station for junk shop and scrap trading business.

Before you can start a junk and scrap trading business, first, there is one important thing you must consider — will you be given a permit to operate one in your area?

You will only know that when you get a permit.

So before anything else, apply for a permit. For the most part, officials conduct the ocular inspection before they decide whether they'll give you the permit to operate or not.

If they do, then you are lucky. Because many people earn millions in this business.

Must-haves to start a junk shop business
  1. You will need a delivery service right from the start.
  2. A good and properly calibrated weighing scale is also a must.
  3. A trolley will be handy in your daily operation.

The junk shop is definitely for a non-glamorous type of tenacious and audacious person who likes to roll up sleeves and find happiness in getting their hands dirty.

5. Bed space business

Home business idea - bed space
Bed space business is a good business if you have an extra vacant large size room at your house.

Renting-out one vacant room in your home in a dormitory-type way is definitely one good business advice if you want to start earning immediately.

This home business doesn't necessitate manpower. Otherwise, you will be good with one house-help that will do chores of cleaning, which each member of your family can do easily.

A large number of city employees from neighboring suburbs prefer to rent bed spaces in the city.

  1. Convert one available room in your house.
  2. Fit it with double-deck beds.
  3. Rent them out to workers and employees that migrated from the suburbs and students most of whom need to bunk, etc.

You will be amazed at numbers that will turn out. But whatever you do, be stringent in accepting renters.

Why bed-space business?

  • It is least-labor intensive, and you don't need a large workforce to run it.
  • You don't need a management skill or some business administration to follow in the operation of your own bed space dormitory.

In a nutshell, you get your business permits, provide the beds, set rules, and you're good to go.

Renting out bed spaces is a home business for individuals who want a passive income, without so much responsibility attached to it, which is not bad, I would say, as it's a matter of preference.


Although we have only five of the home business ideas in this article, there are so many. What we have in the list are home businesses that you can put up with a small capital and with diligence, you can scale up to get you a relatively medium operating enterprise that would be identifying mark of your own home.

What about you? Which business nearly fits your personality? Do you have other business in mind?

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